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Department of Politics and International Studies

Echoes of Empire

Kalypso Nicolaidis, Berny Sebe

Date: 27 April 2017Time: 6:00 PM

Finishes: 27 April 2017Time: 8:00 PM

Venue: Senate House Room: Senate House Alumni Lecture Theatre

Type of Event: Panel Discussion

'Echoes of Empire: Memory, Identity and Colonial Legacies'

 You are warmly invited to a panel discussion around the publication of Echoes of Empire: Memory, Identity and Colonial Legacies, edited by Kalypso Nicolaidis, Berny Sebe and Gabrielle Maas (I. B. Tauris). The editors will be in conversation with a panel of speakers around the themes of the book as well as the place of empire in the contemporary political moment

Abstract: How does our colonial past echo through today's global politics? How have former empire-builders sought vindication or atonement, and formerly colonized states reversal or retribution? This groundbreaking book presents a panoramic view of attitudes to empires past and present, seen not only through the hard politics of international power structures but also through the nuances of memory, historiography and national and minority cultural identities. Bringing together leading historians, political scientists and international relations scholars from across the globe, Echoes of Empire emphasizes Europe's colonial legacy whilst also highlighting the importance of non-European power centres - Ottoman, Russian, Chinese, Japanese - in shaping world politics, then and now.

Echoes of Empire bridges the divide between disciplines to trace the global routes travelled by objects, ideas and people and forms a radically different notion of the term 'empire' itself.

This will be an essential companion to courses on international relations and imperial history as well as a fascinating read for anyone interested in Western hegemony, North-South relations, global power shifts and the longue duree.

Speakers: Editors Kalypso Nicolaidis and Berny Sebe, in conversation with:

Priya Atwal (University of Oxford)
Dr. Michael Collins (University College London)
Dr. Olivia Rutazibwa (University of Portsmouth)

Chair: Rahul Rao (SOAS)

Organiser: Dr. Rahul Rao

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