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Conference Locations:

Thursday June 5 SOAS, University of London Khalili Lecture Theatre
Friday and Saturday June 6 and 7 British Library Conference Centre Meeting Room 2

Thursday, June 5th

Conference Opening Event

5:00 pm
Opening Talk

Which Muslims, Whose Security?
Rethinking the Means and Ends of Muslim-Government Cooperation in Europe and the United States

Peter Mandaville
Director of the Center for Global Studies
Associate Professor of Government and Islamic Studies
George Mason University

Friday, June 6th

9:30-11:00am : Session I: Comparing National Contexts in the United States, United Kingdom, France and Germany
Panel Chair: Fiona Adamson (SOAS)

The Perils of Prevention: The US ‘War on Terror’ and Muslim-Law Enforcement Relations
David Cole (Georgetown University)

Religious Groups in Germany: All Different – All Equal, with the Exception of Islam
Barbara John (Humboldt-University Berlin)

Islam and Secularism: Conflict or Compatibility? Lessons from Western Europe and the US
Jocelyne Cesari (Harvard University)

Muslim-Government Relations: The British Context
Baroness Kishwer Falkner (UK Parliament - House of Lords)

11:15-12:45: Session II: Muslim-Government Partnering Initiatives and Policies
Panel Chair: TBA

PREVENT: Community Based Responses to Violent Extremism in the UK
Jonathan Freeman (Communities and Local Govt UK)

Relations Between the French State and the Muslim Community
Eric Battesti (French Embassy in the United Kingdom)

Homeland Security Community Engagement: A National Overview
George Selim (US Department of Homeland Security)

Building Bridges Between Law Enforcement and the Muslim and Arab Communities in the United States and Great Britain
Deborah Ramirez (Northeasten University)

Dealing with Islam at the Federal Level: The German Islam Conference
Steffi Redmann (German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees)

2:00-3:30pm: Session III: Muslim Political Engagement and Participation: Changing Contexts, Challenges and Opportunities
Panel Chair: Elena Fiddian (SOAS and University of Oxford)

Civil Society and Muslim Political Participation in Britain
Muhammad Abdul Bari (Muslim Council of Britain (MCB))

Participation of Muslims in German Politics: History, Current Situation and Perspectives
Ali Baş (Green Muslims NRW and Westphalian-Wilhelms University)

American Muslims at the Dawn of the 21st Century: Hope and Pessimism in the Drive for Civic and Political Inclusion
Louise Cainkar (Marquette University)

Muslim Institutions and Political Mobilisation
Sara Silvestri (City University London and Cambridge University)

Europe’s Other Citizens: The Politics of Integrating Muslims in Europe
Meleiha Malik (King’s College London)

3:45-5:15pm: Session IV: Homeland Security and Counterterrorism: Perspectives, Policies and Partnerships
Panel Chair: Peter Mandaville (George Mason University)

Narrativity and Homeland Security: Some Remarks on Institutions and Internal Policing
Andrew Grossman (Albion College)

Dialogue in the Context of Counterterrorism Policy: The German Approach
Johannes Urban (Federal Ministry of the Interior, Germany)

How Muslim Government Relations Can Be Cemented?
Kamal el-Helbawy (Centre for the Study of Terrorism)

Radicalization, Information Sharing and Community Outreach: the Muslim American Model for Protecting the Homeland
Safiya Ghori (Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC))

Maintaining the Momentum: Conviction and Commitment
Michael Rolince (Booz, Allen Hamilton, Inc.)

Saturday, June 7th

9:15-11:00am : Session V: Law Enforcement and Community Policing:
Case Studies and Comparisons

Chair: Tara Lai Quinlan (Northeastern University)

Community Based Approaches to Counter-Terrorism in London
Robert Lambert (University of Exeter/Co-Founder Muslim Contact Unit (MCU))

Police-Community Relations in the UK: “Officer Safety Plan for Entering a Mosque”
Mehmood Naqshbandi (Logica UK)

Ethnic and Religious Minorities and the Police Forces in Colour-Blind France
Christophe Bertossi (French Institute of International Relations)

BRIDGES: The Michigan Experience
Ihsan Alkhatib and Imad Hamad (American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC))

The Pros and Cons of Community Relations: A US Federal Law Enforcement Perspective
Brian Moskowitz (US Immigration and Customs Enforcement)

11:15-12:45: Session VI: Security Policies and Their Impacts on Muslim Communities in Germany, the US, UK and France

Chair: David Cole (Georgetown University)

Countering Radicalisation and Their Impacts on Muslims in Germany
Siddik Bakir (Political Assistant, European Parliament)

The Challenges of Security Initiatives and the Empowerment Strategies of Chicago Muslims
Abdul Malik Mujahid (Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago (CIOGC))

Impact on the Muslim Community by the (UK) Government’s Policies in the Fight Against Terrorism
Azad Ali (Civil Service Islamic Society)

Choice of Law: France, Discrimination and the Fight Against “al-Qaeda”
Julien Cantegriel (University of Paris Sorbonne)

The Emerging Debate on “Homegrown Radicalization” in the US: Police and Community in New York
Aziz Huq (New York University)

1:15-2:45: Session VII: Muslim-Government Relations, Religious Institutions and Religious Practice
Panel Chair: Alessandro Silj (Italian Social Science Council)

The “Crisis” Politisation of Islam in Europe
Amel Boubekeur (Centre for European Policy Studies)

Recognizing Islam in France After 9/11
John Bowen (Washington University, St Louis)

Integration by Religion: Structural and Theological Accommodation of Muslims in Germany
Mark Bodenstein (German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees)

3:00-4:30: Session VIII: Muslim-Government Relations: The Role of Media and the Public Sphere

Panel Chair: Francesco Ragazzi (SOAS, Insititut d'Etudes Politiques, Northwestern University)

It’s the Language, Stupid: Muslim Enfranchisement and the Media Effect
Ahmed Rehab (Council on American-Islamic Relations-Chicago (CAIR-Chicago))

The Issues at Play
Dominic Casciani (British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC))

American Muslims and the US Government: A Story of Cooperation and Conflict in a Time of War, Terrorism and Changing Media
Niraj Warikoo (Detroit Free Press)

The “Muslim Population” as a Subversive Environment: Mass Media and the Legitimation of Security Policy in Post Cold War France
Mathieu Rigouste (University of Paris VIII)

4:30-5pm: Session IX: Conclusions: Prospects for Transformation?

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Social Science Research Council (SSRC)
Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)
The German Marshall Fund (GMF) of the United States
Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy (CISD)
SOAS, University of London
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