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Student Welfare and Academic Advisors

Undergraduate Welfare Tutor and Academic Advisors

The Welfare Tutor and Academic Advisors are two resources in the Department of Politics and International Studies designed to help students with life both in and out of the classroom.

The Welfare Tutor’s role is to provide support to students experiencing personal, social and/or academic problems that are affecting their academic studies and performance. The Welfare Tutor can provide advice and offer referrals related to a range of welfare services provided by SOAS to deal with issues such as workload and time management; personal stress and anxiety, and discrimination. In keeping with the School’s policy on the respect of personal privacy, the Welfare Tutor will deal with students’ concerns in confidence.

Every academic year, undergraduate students in the Department are assigned a Academic Advisor. The Academic Advisor’s role is to discuss the student’s academic progress, provide support and advice on how to deal with academic challenges and difficulties a student may encounter at SOAS.  Students are encouraged to visit their personal advisors during the second week of each term.  Regular meetings with your Academic Advisor over the course of your time at SOAS will ensure that Academic Advisors can provide you with the best academic advice possible.  

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Welfare Tutor

Dr. Carlo Bonura, Welfare Tutor, Politics and International Studies
Room: 4417
Tel: 020 7898 4617

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