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Department of Politics and International Studies

Research Students in the Politics Department

Leda Betti
Leda Betti

Making Cars, Remaking People: the Italian State and the Rescaling of Class Relations in the Fiat-Chrysler Case

Guy Robert Eyre
Guy Eyre

Understanding everyday North Africans' ideas about halal and haram lifestyles: an ethnographic study of grassroots Muslim educational and Quranic reading circles (tajwid) in Algeria and Morocco.

Jack Joy
Jack Joy

The Spectacle of Resistance: Repertoires of Power in the Discourse of Hizbullah [working title]

Ibrahim Nyei
Ibrahim Nyei

Decentralisation reforms and the implications for power and authority relations in a centralised unitary state. A study of decentralisation reforms in Liberia

Salman Rafi
Salman Rafi Sheikh

Intra-Ethnic Fragmentation and the Politics of De-centralising Constitutional Change in Pakistan: A Comparative Study

Further information about the Department's PhD programme can be found here.

Recently awarded PhD theses

  • Seyed Alavi Iran's Relations with Palestine: Roots and Development (Dr A Adib-Moghaddam)
  • Sameen Ali Staffing The State: The Politicisation of Bureaucratic Appointments in Pakistan (Dr M Nelson)
  • Inioluwa Dele-Adedeji The Mobilisation of the Boko Haram Sect (Dr P Clark)
  • Hugh Lamarque Insulating the Borderlands: Policing and State Reach in Rwanda (Dr P Clark)
  • Tahani Mustafa Transforming Security Landscapes: Security Sector Reform in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (Dr A Adib-Moghaddam)
  • Kathryn Nash From State Security to Human Security: The Evolution of Norms at the Regional Level in Africa (Dr L Vinjamuri)
  • Dominique Oliver Transforming Lebanon (Prof C Tripp)
  • Maria Rashid Affect as a Technology of Rule: Service, Sacrifice and the Pakistani Military (Dr L Khalili)
  • Lynne Wanyeki African solutions for African problems' or a 'liberal peace': the African Union (AU) and Kenya (Prof S Chan)
  • Sasan Aghlani-Asl The Nuclear Policies of Iran: Islam and Strategic Thinking in the Islamic Republic (Dr A Adib-Moghaddam)
  • Richard Akum Informal Ordering, Authority and Control: Borderland Dynamics and Postwar Statebuilding in Liberia (Prof S Chan)
  • Athanasius Barkindo History, Memory and Resistance in Northern Nigeria: The Transformation of Boko Haram (Dr P Clark)
  • Emma Birikorang Emerging Regional Security Threats in West Africa: Implications for Regional Security (Dr P Clark)
  • Noga Glucksam Transitional Justice and Collective Identity: Contesting Concepts of Justice in Liberia and Uganda (Dr P Clark)
  • Hae Won Jeong Rethinking State Autonomy in Rentier State Theory (RST): A Case study of Kuwait (Dr A Adib-Moghaddam)
  • Salam Kamel The Constitution as Unfinished Business: The Making and Un-Making of Power Relations in Iraq, 2003-2010 (Prof C Tripp)
  • Lili Liu Environmental Activism and Political Intermediation: Local Flexibility in Managing Protests in China (Dr J Strauss)
  • Charles Marques Rebel Diplomacy as "Rebelcraft": Libya 2011 (Prof S Chan)
  • Goktug Sonmez The Interplay between International and Domestic Factors in Turkey's Grand Strategy-Making: Activism, Disappointment, and Readjustment (Dr F Adamson)
  • Indre Balciate A borderless village: mobility and belonging in Phlong Karen transborder lives between Hpa-an area, Myanmar, and Greater Bangkok, Thailand (Prof L Khalili)
  • Catherine Huser 'We don't know if we have a right to live': The Impact of Global Protection Norms in the Micro Spaces of Armed Conflict (Prof S Hopgood)
  • Amir Khnifess Israel and the Druze Political Action: Between Politics of Loyalty and Politics of Violence (Prof C Tripp)
  • Priya Kumar Diaspora 2.0: Mapping Sikh, Tamil and Palestinian Online Identity Politics (Dr F Adamson)
  • Merve Kutuk Locating Muslim Women: Consumption, Activism and Contention in Turkey (Prof S Ismail)
  • Marwa Mamdouh Mohamed Ali Salem The Feeble Giant: Analysing Egypt's Africa Policies (Dr T Young)
  • Najia Mukhtar Approaching Religious Difference Differently: Counter-Dominant Agents in Contemporary Pakistan (Dr M Nelson)
  • Anna Rader Verification and Legibility in Somaliland's Identity Architecture (Prof L Khalili)
  • Benjamin Schuetze US and European Democracy Promotion in Jordan: The Reinforcement of Authoritarianism (Prof C Tripp)
  • Gerasimos Tsourapas Trading People, Consolidating Power - Emigration & Authoritarianism in Modern Egypt (Prof L Khalili)
  • Andrea Valente Explaining Energy Security Cooperation in Southeast Asia: Examples from Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand (Prof L Saez)