SOAS University of London

Department of Politics and International Studies

Externally Funded Projects

2019: Professor Julia Gallagher and Kuukuwa Manful

Title: Building Early Accra: Preserving Historical Building Permits In Africa
Funder:The British Library Funding: £38,380.00
Duration: 01/10/2019-30/09/2020

2019: Dr Yan Tat Kong

Title: The Role of Expanded Tripartite Negotiation in the Transition to Income-Led Growth
Funder: The Academy of Korean Studies Funding: £10,903
Duration: 01/02/2019-31/01/2020

2018: Dr Fiona Adamson

Title: Migration Governance And Asylum Crisis
Funder: European Commission Funding: £326,668
Duration: 01/11/2019-31/10/2022

2018: Dr Dafydd Fell

Title: Continuation Funding: SOAS Taiwan Studies Programme (2018 - 2021)
Funder: Taipei Representative Office in the UK Funding: £171,579
Duration: 01/10/2018-30/09/2021

2019: Professor Stephen Chan, OBE

Title: Thundering Smoke: A socio-Political History of Zambia in Literature
Funder: British Academy non fec Funding: £10,000
Duration: 01/09/2018-28/02/2021

2018: Professor Julia Gallagher

Title:  ASA - Understanding Statehood Through Architecture: A Comparative Study Of Africa’s State Buildings
Funder: ERC - European Research Council Funding: £10,000

2017: Dr Leslie Vinjamuri

Title: The Future of Internationalism
Funder:  British Academy Funding:  £9,995
Duration:  01/09/2019-31/08/2020

2017: Dr Dafydd Fell

Title: Research Project to Create a Taiwanese Indigenous Studies Programme and Publish an English Language Handbook on Contemporary Taiwanese Indigenous Peoples' Studies
Funder: Shungye Museum of Formosan Aborigines Funding: £63,994
Duration: 01/09/2017-30/09/2019

2017: Dr Reem Abou-El-Fadl

Title: Resistance and Solidarity on the Road to Camp David: The Founding of the Dar al-Fata al-Arabi Publishing House, 1973-5
Funder: British Academy Funding: £6,200

Duration: 01/06/2017-01/06/2020