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SOAS is able to validate degrees on behalf of other institutions which would otherwise not have the authority do so. To do this, SOAS and the prospective partner institution work together to ensure that the programme that is being validated meets the standards that we meet when delivering our own programmes.

As the awarding body, SOAS is ultimately responsible for the quality and standards of all its programmes, including those designed and delivered by another institution. When approving the validation of an award that is designed and delivered by a partner, the School is confirming that it has the relevant disciplinary expertise and experience to approve, monitor and, if necessary, deliver teaching, learning and assessment.

Consequently, the framework to manage validation activity must be robust and ensure that programmes and the learning experiences delivered by its partners are of a high quality that is commensurate with other SOAS awards.

The Validation Handbook, available for download on the right hand side of this page, sets out this process in full.