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Questions worth asking: the Campaign for SOAS

  • About the campaign

    About the campaign

About the campaign

As the world’s economic centre of gravity moves east and south, as internationalisation drives ever more interaction across political borders, as demand grows for global citizens to make sense of complex societal change, and as prejudice towards races, genders, sexualities and religions manifest, SOAS is needed more than ever before.

This is why we have launched a major fundraising campaign: so our students and academics can keep on asking – and answering – today’s most important questions.

How can you help?

We are seeking support across three areas:

Valerie Amos

At SOAS we ask challenging questions about the issues facing our world. Equality, democracy and governance. Access to water, food, education and wealth. We ask searching questions about religion, history, languages, art and society.

At SOAS we ask big questions, not just about Asia, Africa and the Middle East but about the entire world. And we ask unusual questions that no one else would ever think of – because we ask from different perspectives.

I joined SOAS because of the wealth of its history and scholarship. The depth of its research, the quality of the teaching and the diversity of its student body. SOAS’s work continues to inform, influence and shape the world we live in. We connect communities, build bridges and nurture understanding across cultures and continents.

Please join us in our search for answers to the questions that are really worth asking.”

Baroness Valerie Amos CH, Director, SOAS

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Why support SOAS?

In a better world

injustice is confronted and reconciliation is achieved;

common ground is sought and diversity is celebrated;

progress is made and the complexities of change are navigated;

the past is understood and informs the future;

received wisdom is challenged and cultures are valued.

A better world needs a university like SOAS. A university that poses the Questions Worth Asking. Questions that lead to different answers and a different way of viewing the world.

For 100 years we have been asking searching questions about global human challenges.

Now, we are asking you to support the intellectual talent and infrastructure we need to keep on asking the questions that matter.


What makes SOAS unique?

We are the only university in Europe to specialise in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. We are devoted to the humanities, politics, economics, law, art and culture. We study languages, religions, regions and combinations of disciplines that no other European university covers. Some 140 different nations are represented among our 5,000 students and 300 academics. Today, SOAS alumni live in every country on the planet. Our campus is in the heart of the world’s most diverse city, while our multicultural networks stretch around the globe.