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Questions worth asking: the Campaign for SOAS

  • About the campaign

    About the campaign

Academic projects and endowed posts

We are looking for people who share our passion to make the world a better place, to offer gifts large and small, so that we can keep asking questions worth asking.

We are seeking support for

  • a world class centre of expertise in Global Affairs tackling issues such as inequality, humanitarian crises, corruption, human rights, and international security
  • a sustainable framework for our teaching of languages such as Amharic, Bengali, Burmese, Hausa and Vietnamese, which open doors to the lives of a billion people but are taught almost nowhere else in Europe
  • endowed academic posts to pioneer research that promotes intercultural understanding of major world faiths, including Sikhism, Buddhism and Hinduism
  • a Gender Institute to expand our explorations of non-western perspectives on equality, sexuality and difference, to influence the people with power and to enfranchise the people who have none


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“SOAS creates a very special learning and research environment where West meets East. It builds bridges to universities, museums and galleries in areas where the arts were held back by war and politics in the 20th century. While SOAS is firmly rooted in London, it has always been outward looking and seeks to make an impact in the regions it studies

Fred Eychaner, Alphawood Foundation

Alphawood Foundation exists to stimulate and expand the study of Southeast Asian art. Its groundbreaking £20m donation provides funding for over 80 scholarships, increases SOAS’ academic capacity and has supported the expansion of SOAS into Senate House.