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  • Will there ever be equality?

    Will there ever be equality?

Will there ever be equality?

At SOAS, we consider the true meaning of equality.

Our scholars believe there will never be genuine gender equality unless it is defined by men and women from all regions. We ask questions to unpack conceptions of entitlement and fairness. We consider what real economic and social representation might look like and challenge the status quo. And we look at how gender equality intersects with class, ethnicity, sexuality and religion.

SOAS solutions

Professor Nadje Al-Ali has been working with Iraqi women affected by dictatorship, invasion and occupation. Following the Arab Spring, she extended her research to the Middle East and North Africa. She discovered that women are key to both revolutionary and counter-revolutionary movements – and proved that their voices must be represented in political transitions if there is to be any hope of stability and progress.

SOAS ambitions

Now we are seeking support to help us to launch a Gender Institute that will expand our explorations of non-western perspectives on equality, sexuality and difference. We want to tell the world about what we discover, to influence the people with power and to enfranchise the people who have none.