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Enrolment for returning students

Enrolment for returning undergraduate and postgraduate taught students

You have to re-enrol at the start of every academic year with us. You will receive emails and newsletters from us providing you with full details in the run up to the start of the new academic year.

For most students this re-enrolment is completed entirely online.  However, if you have a Tier 4 Student Visa, you will also need to visit the Student Hub in the Paul Webley Wing.

This page is for returning taught students. There's a separate page for returning postgraduate research students

Choose from:

Online registration

Online registration will open from 27th August 2018, please click here to complete online registration.

If you have not received an email regarding re-enrolment, please use the online Student Information Desk (SID) to Request a Service, selecting the category of Enrolment and the Request of "Online Registration Query" and we'll check your current situation on our records.

When you log on to register online, make sure you complete the following steps:

  • Confirm My Details
  • Career Aspirations
  • Pay Fees

If you have any queries with your online re-enrolment please visit the Student Hub in the Paul Webley wing.


Tier 4 Student Visa holders – what documents do I need?

If you hold a Tier 4 Student Visa, we need to verify your documents are still valid. Please come to the Student Hub in Senate House North Block between Monday 1st October and Friday 12th October with your:


If you made an application for a new visa during the Summer from outside of the UK, please collect your new Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) before you attend the ID Verification.  

If you’re in the process of applying for a visa, we’ll need to see the following instead:

  • A completed Address Verification form; and
  • A photocopy of the photo page of your passport; and
  • A photocopy of your current/previous visa; and
  • A copy of your visa application - this should clearly show the type of visa you’ve applied for. And if it’s a Tier 4 Student Visa, we’ll need to see your CAS number and confirmation of our sponsorship. (We suggest you print off and bring the whole document you submitted to the UKVI to ensure we have the evidence we need.)

If you are sponsored by SOAS for a Tier-4 Student Visa, and had to apply for a new visa from outside of the UK for your return in September, you will have been provided with a temporary visa in your passport and you must collect your permanent Biometric Card on arrival.  You must collect your Biometric Card before you attend the Registry in Paul Webley Wing for your ID verification.

If you fail to enrol and you need a visa to remain in the UK, we’re legally obliged to let UK Visa & Immigration (UKVI) know. For you that could mean having your visa curtailed and having to leave the UK.

If you have any worries about completing this ID verification element of your enrolment, please use the online Student Information Desk (SID) to Request a Service, selecting the category of Enrolment and the Request of "Enrolment Query".


Students who held a Tier 4 Visa last year – updating our records

If we sponsored your Tier 4 Student Visa last year, and you now hold a different type of visa, please bring your passport and new visa to the Registry so we can update our records.


Students on a Language Year Abroad

If you’re on a Language Year Abroad this year, you still have to complete online registration before the start of the year, and pay any fees.

If we’ve sponsored your Tier 4 Student Visa, you’ll also have to let us know your overseas address while you’re abroad.

We’ll be in touch with you at the start of the year to confirm your arrangements, but please let us know if you don’t hear anything from us to make sure your visa’s still valid during your Year Abroad.

If you don’t complete online registration for your Language Year Abroad, that year might not count towards your overall degree.


Rejoining in January (after a Leave of Absence)

If you took a Leave of Absence last year and are rejoining in January, we’ll email you in December to let you know what you need to do before you start.  If you don't receive this information, please use the online Student Information Desk (SID), Requesting a Service with the category of Enrolment and the Request of "Enrolment Query".

You must complete online registration before you return.

You won’t be able to complete the Course Selection section as it’s only open for a limited period of time. If you don’t already have your courses for the year, visit the Faculty Office in the first week of term.

If you hold a Tier 4 Student Visa, we’ll need to verify your ID. Please bring the documents we’ve listed above to the Student Hub in Senate House North Block during your first week in January.


What if I want to transfer my degree?

If you decide that you want to apply to transfer your degree that you will be studying, you need to request this via the Student Information Desk (SID). The deadline for requesting a programme transfer is 15 October 2018. After this date you not be able to transfer in 2018/19. To request a transfer please follow these steps:

  • Log into online Student Information Desk
  • Click on Request a Service, selecting the category of “Enrolment: Programme Changes”
  • Select Degree Transfer (Current Taught students) and fill in the requested information

The Registry will then request academic approval and update your enrolment record – they will also arrange for your Faculty to enrol you onto the courses.  You will be notified by your Faculty once this is all confirmed and processed.

Please note that there is no guarantee that you will be able to transfer your degree – it will depend on you meeting the entry qualifications or progression criteria and there being available space on the programme.