SOAS University of London

Research and Evidence Facility on Migration in the Horn of Africa

REF Consortium Members

SOAS University of London

SOAS is a world-renowned academic institution forming part of the University of London. Specialising in the study of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, the School combines a wealth of interdisciplinary expertise in the Horn of Africa that includes anthropology, socio-economic development, law, and language (Somali, Amharic, Swahili, and Arabic). The School is regarded as a source of high-level expertise on migration issues and is regularly called upon to advise international organisations such as UNHCR on policy. Our Centre for Migration and Diaspora Studies brings together staff and researchers from across the School who are engaged in migration. SOAS also has a strong expertise in conflict analysis. Interdisciplinary research is fostered through the Centre for Conflict, Rights, and Justice hosted at the School. In addition, development studies staff, together with our research students, participate in a departmental research cluster on Violence, Peace, and Development.

Global Development Institute, University of Manchester

Global Development Institute at the University of Manchester is a culmination of an impressive history of development studies at The University of Manchester which has spanned more than 60 years. The institute continues the commitment to addressing global poverty and inequality, by uniting the strengths of the Institute for Development Policy and Management and the Brooks World Poverty Institute. GDI is the largest development focused teaching and research institute in Europe and emphasises the University’s commitment to addressing global inequalities – one of the University’s five research beacons of excellence. 

Sahan Research

Sahan is a think tank dedicated to promoting peace, stability, and development. Its primary focus is the Horn of Africa with offices in Somalia, Kenya, and the UK. Sahan’s main activities are political analysis, security dynamics, peace building, and governance. It has a long history of supporting state building in the regions as shown in its contribution to Somalia’s Vision 2016 framework. Sahan was involved in research, analysis, and consultations to support the design of this framework. Sahan provides strategic policy advice to governments, international organisations and donors and is currently providing key policy advice to the Somali Federal Government and emerging Federal Member States regarding key political issues from local dispute resolution to the review of the Provisional Constitution. Sahan also undertakes continuous monitoring of security developments including historical research on local conflicts, political economy assessments of regional armed forces and groups, and analytical reports on terror and crime organisations and their affiliates. Sahan works with national governments and international bodies to understand transnational threats including the activities of terrorist groups, as well as capacity building in criminal intelligence analysis. Sahan is a partner of the Inter-Governmental Agency for Development (IGAD) Security Sector Program (ISSP) to promote coordination among IGAD member states in order to counter transnational security threats in the region.