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Fee Status

Fee status can either be Home/EU or Overseas. The main criterion for Home/EU fee status is settled residency: 3 years ordinary residence in the UK or EU country for purposes other than full-time education. The 3 years is normally the period preceding 1 September before the start of your degree programme. 

Your fee status will not normally change during your degree programme. 

Full details on how your fee status is determined can be found on the UKCISA web-site.

EU Residents: The UK Government has confirmed that students normally resident in other EU countries starting degree programmes in September 2018, or continuing their degree programmes will pay the same tuition fees as UK students for the duration of their programme of study at SOAS. 

Fee Status Query at Application Stage

Assessments are based on the information and facts you provide at the time of application to the School. If you believe that the fee status is incorrect you should raise a query with the Admissions section (listed below) immediately. It is important to resolve any queries about fee status before enrolling on a programme as normally fee status will not change during the programme.

If you have a query about your fee status at this stage, you can contact the relevant Admissions section:

They will send you a fee status questionnaire. You should return this before enrolment with any relevant evidence. For example:

  • If you have been granted indefinite leave to remain, you must submit the relevant pages from your passport or a letter from the Home Office confirming your status
  • If you have been working overseas on a temporary contract, you must submit a copy of your contract and the conditions of your employment

On receipt of the completed questionnaire, and relevant evidence, we will then review the decision on your fee status and you will be informed of the outcome.

Appeal Process

Once you receive a final decision on your fee status by Admissions, after submission of a completed Fee Status Questionnaire and full evidence, you may feel that you want to appeal that decision. You will need to read the  SOAS Fee Status Assessment Policy and Procedures (msword; 16kb)  before submitting an appeal.

Appeals can be made at any time up until one calendar month after the start of your programme. A completed  Fee Status Appeal Form (msword; 36kb)  should be sent to Appeals are assessed by the Fee Status Assessment Panel and the decisions of the Panel are final.

Changes in Fee Status after Enrolment

There are some rare situations where your fee status may change after enrolment - you will need to review the  SOAS Fee Status Assessment Policy and Procedures (msword; 16kb)  to see if you qualify. If a student is eligible to have their fee status reassessed during the programme the new fee status will apply from the start of the next academic year.  

Please note that reassessment is not applied retrospectively.