SOAS University of London


Fees Refund and Charging Policy

Fees for the academic year are payable in full at enrolment and/or in two equal instalments. If you withdraw from your programme the date of withdrawal will be the date on which the Withdrawal Form is received in the Registry and any change in tuition fee liability will be calculated from this date. Fees up to the withdrawal date will be charged. The Withdrawal Form is available from your Faculty Office (research students should obtain the form from the Postgraduate Research Management Team).

The School refunds fees on withdrawal per half term pro rata for the first two terms: 

Stage of Withdrawal or InterruptionCharge
Term 1: before reading week 1/6 annual fees
Term 1: during or after reading week 2/6 annual fees
Term 2: before reading week 3/6 annual fees
Term 2: during or after reading week 4/6 annual fees
Term 3 no refund

Applicants who formally decline their offer of a place or apply for deferred entry before enrolment will be eligible for a refund of any tuition fees paid in advance (excluding deposits) minus a £50 administration charge. 

If you are an undergraduate and your tuition fees are paid by Student Finance the charging system has changed from 2012-13 for both new and continuing students.

This Policy is not applicable to IFCELS students. Please visit IFCELS homepages for their Terms and Conditions.