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Student status letters

We can give you a number of official documents to prove you're a student at SOAS. All of these letters should be requested using the online Student Information Desk (SID) - you need to select Request a service > Browse category > General student support > Student Letter.  You can select the type of letter from this request.

Certificate of Enrolment

Your Certificate of Enrolment proves you’re a current, enrolled student at SOAS. We can only give you this document after you’re fully enrolled – that includes paying fees and collecting your SOAS ID card.

You can also use this document for council tax exemption – show it to your local council this document to prove your status as a student. And banks should accept it too.

If you are enrolling during Welcome Week as a new student, you can have a letter produced for you while you wait.  Details of this service can be found on our enrolment pages.

If you are enrolling earlier in September (programmes with preliminary courses or bridging courses), your enrolment certificate will be produced the day after your enrolment is completed and will be posted to your local address.

Official Letter to open Student Bank Account

If you need to open a student bank account, you’ll need a Bank Letter.

Confirmation of Completion

Once you’ve received your final results, we’ll automatically produce a Confirmation of Completion and post it to your home address. Please make sure your address is correct on our system when the results are published.

If you have graduated from SOAS and need a Confirmation of Completion Letter, you will need to email us to request this.  If you studied on a Research degree, please email; if you studied on an Undergraduate or a Postgraduate Taught degree, please email

Confirmation of fees for the year

We can only confirm what the fees are for the year. Please email

This letter will include a copy invoice,  If you want a receipt for the fees you’ve paid, please see the Fee Payments section below.

Receipt for fee payments

If you need proof of fee payments made, please email

Once we’ve processed your request, we’ll let you know by emailing your SOAS account.

Schengen Visa letter

A Schengen Visa allows you to travel within the Schengen Zone. Read more about Schengen Visas at the UKCISA website.

You’ll need to give us the name and country of the Embassy or Consulate the letter will go to.  

Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) for a Student Route Visa application

You need a CAS to apply for a Student Route Visa application. 

Read everything you need to know about Applying for a Student Visa.

Permission to travel

If you are a non-EEA national holding a Student Route visa and you need to travel out of the UK during term time, you will need a letter from us confirming our agreement to you missing classes.  Before we can produce this, you will need to obtain written (email) approval from your programme convenor, which you must attach to your request for a letter.

Other customised letter

If you need a letter that isn’t listed above, it could be because:

  • You studied with us in the past and need a Certificate of Enrolment for a previous programme of study.
  • The Certificate of Enrolment doesn’t include information you need.
  • You need an official reference for employment or further.

We’ll always do our best to give as much information in your letter as possible, but we can only ever confirm the information on your student record that we’re allowed to release. We can’t include:

  • Exam and submission dates
  • Marks
  • Details of academic performance and conduct
  • Attendance records