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Changing your personal details

The information we keep on our Student Record System is based on information you’ve given us at application, enrolment (which we verify against your official documents) and during the year.

We use this information when we produce letters, transcripts, certificates and any other official documents. So it’s important we have completely up to date information.

If you’re studying with us on a Tier 4 Student Visa, you must also let UK Visas & Immigration know of any changes to your contact details.  

Choose from: 

Changing your contact details

You can update this yourself using Online Student Services

Choose ‘Change Details’ after logging in (it should be under ‘Update my Information’). 

Once you’ve saved the change, it will automatically update your official student record too.

If you need to enter a room or flat number, please log onto the online Student Information Desk (SID) and Request a Service, selecting the category of "Getting Support".  You can then provide the additional information, which will will add to your record.

Changing your name

You have show evidence of you change of name before we change it – and it has to be in very specific circumstances.

Read more in our Registry Policy. And if you need to know more, contact the Registry by Submitting an Enquiry using the online Student Information Desk (SID), selecting the category of "General Registry Enquiries".

Changing your gender

Please email Registry or Student Advice and Wellbeing to talk about this.  

We always treat this information sensitively and with confidentiality.