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Department of Religions & Philosophies, School of History, Religions & Philosophies

Religionising Fieldwork and Fieldworking Religion


Date: 3 November 2008Time: 12:00 AM

Finishes: 4 November 2008Time: All Day

Venue: Russell Square: College Buildings

Type of Event: Workshop


James Kapalo, SOAS, Dept. Study of Religions
Stefania Travagnin, University of Missouri-Columbia, Dept. of Religious Studies

Keynote address: Prof. Paul Gifford, Chair of African Christianity, SOAS, Dept. Study of Religions

This workshop aims to address the new challenges that students face in approaching fieldwork as a discourse in the Study of Religions and engaging religion in the field.

Workshop Objectives

This workshop will serve as a traing for PhD students coming from different disciplines and whos research on religion involves fieldwork as a central component, and as an occasion to share and discuss issues about theory and practice of field-research.

By inviting speakers with different disciplinary approaches (such as anthropology, sociology and history of religion), we hope to encourage deeper critical reflection in the field of religious studies on classical and new methods of conducting fieldwork. In this way we aim to open up a broader debate on the necessity and modalities of the practice of intensive fieldwork in the light of post-modern and poststructuralist discourse on the field of Religious Studies.

Also, through the presentation of specific case studies that cover various geographical areas and religious traditions we hope to contribute to a pool of research that is 'process reflexive' and that speaks of both the 'religious' and the 'religionist' observer.

It is expected that the papers presented at the workshop will form the basis of a peer reviewed publication.

For the full call for papers and registration form see attached files (above right)
Abstracts of 500 words should be submitted via email by 20 September 2008 to James Kapalo  ( and all attendees are requested to submit a registration form by October 20th also to James Kapalo.

Organiser: James Kapalo and Stefania Travagnin

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