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Previous PhD Theses


Aturupana Senevi
Saddha: An Analytical Study Of Its Role In Theravada Buddhism

Black Brian Anthony
Dialogue As Discourse: Priests, Kings And Women In The Early Upanisads

Bradley Tamsin Jane
Challenging Development: Western Discourses And Rajastani Women

Cheng Wei-Yi
Buddhist Nuns In Sri Lanka And Taiwan

Claffey Patrick
Looking For A Breakthrough: The Role Of Christian Churches In The Socio-Political Development Of Dahomey-Benin

Clark Matthew James
The Dasanami-Samnyasis: The Integration Of Ascetic Lineages Into An Order

Cohen Jonah Avriel
Religious Appreciation And The Mundane-Sacred: A Neglected Area Of Philosophy

Hon Chi Ho Ivan
Chinese Intellectuals' Reconstruction Of Confucianism In The Late 19th And Early 20th Century China

Moreddu Elena
Sacred Places In Sardinia - Cumbessias Villages, Sacredness, And The Dialectic Of The Work Of Art

Osto Douglas Edward
The Gandavyuha-Sutra: A Study Of Wealth, Gender And Power In An Indian Buddhist Narrative.

Prill Susan Elizabeth
The Sant Tradition And Community Formation In The Works Of Guru Nanak And Dadu Dayal

Shih Fang-Long
Dead Maidens In Taiwan: Breaking Down Chinese Religious Tradition

Tremlett Paul Francois
Dead Man Talking: Summoning Rizal, Revolution, Land And Nation In Mount Banahaw

Yam Kah Kean
The Taoist Thought Of The Xuanzhulu (Circa 700 CE)

Yuan Ci
The Bodhisativa Ideal In Selected Buddhist Scriptures (Its Theoretical And Practical Evolution)


Ronit Yoeli-Tlalim
Contemporary Oral Teachings Of Kalacakra In Exile: A Dialogue Between Tradition And Change

Richard Edward Bartholomew
Community And Consumerism: The Case Of Christian Publishing

Linda Christina Gabriel Abdo
Relevance And Religion: The British Baha'is 1899-1930

Katherine Ruth Butler Brown
Hindustani Music In The Time Of Aurangzeb

Raiomond Mirza
The House Of Song: Musical Structures In Zoroastrian Prayer Performance


Hesa Guang Xing
The Evolution Of The Concept Of The Buddha From Early Buddhism To The Formulation Of The Trikaya Theory

Sean Dennis Gaffney
The Jatakanidanakatha: A Critical Study, Tibetan Edition And Annotated Translation

Seyed Ghahreman Safavi Homami
'Love The Whole But Not The Part'; An Investigation Of The Rhetorical Structure Of Book One Of The Mathnawi Of Jalal Al-Din Rumi

Yulia Egorova
Jews And Judaism In Modern Indian Discourse

Zhenjing Shi
The Formation And Transformation Of The Mahaparinirvanasutra In Theravada, Mahayana And Daoism

Joachim Gregor Persoon
Central Ethiopian Monasticism 1974-1991: The Survival Of An Ancient Institution In A Changing World


Isabelle Omer Theofiel Bermijn
An Investigation Into The 56 Vinayakas In Banaras And Their Origins

Jennifer Marion Taylor
After Secularism: Inner City Governance And The New Religious Discourse

Simon Pearse Brodbeck
Asakta Karman (Action Without Attachment) In The Bhagavadgita

Richard Paul Fox
From Text To Television: Mediating Religion In Contemporary Bali

Nile Spencer Green
The Sufi Saints Of Awrangabad: Narratives, Contexts, Identities

Jing Yin
The Vinaya In India And China - Spirit And Transformation

Do-Kyun Kwon
Sarvatathagatatattvasamgraha Compendium Of All The Tathagatas A Study Of Its Origin, Structure And Teachings


Emma Loosley
The Architecture And Liturgy Of The Bema In Fourth To Sixth-Century Syrian Churches

Balbinder Singh Bhogal
Nonduality And Skilful Means In Guru Nanak: Hermeneutics Of The Word

Michael Jacob Harris
Divine Command Theory And The Shared Moral Universe In Jewish Tradition

Mark Robert James Faulkner
A Phenomenological Study Of Religious Activity In A Boni Village In Lamu District, Kenya

Fiona Eve Blumfield
The Commentary Of Yefet Ben 'Eli On The Book Of Ruth - Studies In Translation And Exegetical Techniques


June Won Seo
The Liezi: The Vision Of The World Interpreted By A Forged Text

Shu-Ling Chern
The Diamond Sutra In Chinese Culture Before The Sung


Ujjayini Ray
Idealising Motherhood: The Brahmanical Discourse On Women In Ancient India C.500 Bc - 300 Ad

Thomas Wolfgang Peter Dahnhardt
Change And Continuity In Naqshbandi Sufism: A Mujaddidi Branch And Its Hindu Environment

Anthony Fernandopulle
A Critical Study Of The Works Of Jacome Gonsalves (1676 - 1742)


Beatrice Kathleen Patricia Taylor
The Creation Of A Legendary Orientalist: Sir John Woodroffe As 'Arthur Avalon' In Calcutta

Xun Zhou
A History Of Chinese Perceptions Of 'Jews' And Judaism


Fiona Elizabeth Pollard
An Analysis Of The Emergence Of Early Masonic Symbolism

David George Burnett
Charisma And Community In A Ghanaian Independent Church

Masahide Mori
The Vajravali Of Abhayakaragupta: A Critical Study, Sanskrit Edition Of Selected Chapters And Complete Tibetan Version


Elizabeth Gay Watson
A Buddhist Inspiration For A Contemporary Psychotherapy