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Sharing a small planet

Centenary research theme

In a globally interconnected world, major challenges exist around the availability and distribution of resources such as water, food and energy, as well as managing diverse conceptions of entitlement, fairness and justice.  

While there are concrete challenges for the coming century, such as how to feed the world in a healthy and sustainable way, it is also important to understand that limits and boundaries are often socially or politically-created, rather than innate. 

In this context, the SOAS research agenda asks questions about access, inequality and social justice, as well as about the dynamics of sharing in both urban and rural spaces.

Sustainable systems for food and water

Flooding destroys a road in the outer suburb of Dunhuang, Gansu Province, China

SOAS research into the management of food and water has a direct impact on the lives of the people in the poorest societies, as well as mitigating the threats of environmental change in rapidly developing regions. Read more...

Championing the human rights of displaced people

A refugee camp in Nepal for people expelled from Burma

SOAS research in a wide range of disciplines supports the rights of people displaced by famine and conflict, and because of ethnicity, religion, gender or sexuality. Read more...