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Research Integrity Online Programme

SOAS and its researchers are expected to maintain the highest ethical standards and to foster values of honesty, rigour, openness, care and respect.[i] As part of SOAS’ commitment[ii] to SOAS researchers SOAS has subscribed to Epigeum’s online Research Integrity programme. Epigeum are experts in online programmes for Researcher Skills and we are delighted to offer this programme to all staff and students at SOAS.

What is the Research Integrity Programme?

The Research Integrity programme is designed to provide students, new faculty and research staff with a basic understanding of responsible research practices in their area of study. The first step towards responsible practice is knowing what is expected. It can be challenging to insure that everyone undertaking research activities at SOAS has been introduced to best practices, making it difficult for the researcher to know what is expected of them.

What will the Research Integrity Programme provide?

The Research Integrity Programme provides a common framework and content for learning and thinking about responsible professional behaviour in research. We hope that by the end of the programme you will:

  • Know the basics.
  • Know where to get more information if needed.
  • Know SOAS’ expectations for integrity and responsibility in research.
  • Obtain a certificate to put towards your professional development.

Who should take the Research Integrity Programme?

Anyone who is undertaking research at SOAS, whether you are an experienced Professor or an undergraduate student, there will be benefits for you in raising your awareness of research integrity best practices. We would strongly advise that anyone planning to undertake any research project at SOAS (third year UG projects, Masters projects, PhDs, externally or internally funded research projects) should take the programme.

How do I access the Research Integrity Programme?

To access the Research Integrity Programme and begin your journey to undertaking ethical research please:

  • Go to Research Skills online
  • Click on register and complete the form - IMPORTANT - users must register using their email address
  • Once you have registered an activation email will be sent to your SOAS account. You must activate the account by clicking on the activation link in the e-mail before you can login.
  • Once registration is complete, users can log in. They will be shown a range of course programmes. The one you have access to is:
    • Research Integrity - UK/International version
  • After selecting this, users will see a box to enter a token into (top right hand corner). The token to use is: c9bfcf96 (this only needs to be entered once).

If you are an existing user to one of Epigeum’s other courses e.g. Statistical Methods for Research, you will just need to enter the token c9bfcf96 after you have logged in and click on the Research Integrity - UK/International version tab.

[i] SOAS Ethics Policy

[ii] See Annex 1 of SOAS Ethics Policy