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SOAS Knowledge Exchange Strategy

Knowledge Exchange is increasingly important as a source not only of influence, impact and engagement in pursuit of our mission as an institution that wants not only to understand the world, but also to change it. It is also a source of revenue for SOAS that can help complement other streams of income, bringing in resources to support our work as an institution. 

Our strategy for knowledge exchange combines enlistment of academics in a sphere of activities that may be new for some with engagement of those who are already putting their work into practice and raising awareness across the organisation of the value of application of scholarship for the benefit of the economy and society. 

Our mission is for knowledge exchange to become an integral part of our academic community’s activities and for the communities that we serve to benefit from the knowledge resources at SOAS to influence positive change that makes a difference to people’s lives, locally and globally.

For more information about our Knowledge Exchange and Enterprise activities please see here

  • Goals
    • Increased involvement of academic staff in knowledge exchange activities by creating a favourable environment for engagement within and beyond SOAS.
    • Established a Knowledge Exchange Advisory board and developed strategic partnerships with key commercial, government and not-for-profit organisations in the UK and overseas to achieve sustainable relationships and income streams.
    • Achieved higher than average sector growth in our key areas of KE activity, CPD and consultancy, and have strengthened our position with regard to contract and collaborative research.
    • Further joined up working between the research and knowledge exchange functions in order to identify and develop more effective opportunities for research related to knowledge exchange and impact.
    • Improved the management and accountability of knowledge exchange.
    • Enhance student employability and entrepreneurial skills through a comprehensive programme of support and activities.
  • Approach
    • Transforming the way we do Knowledge Exchange by incorporating a robust management infrastructure, client service provision, and ensuring that our knowledge resources apply the lessons learned through the decolonising SOAS tool kit. 
    • Developing a new generation of academic leaders equipped with the skills and know-how to translate their research into practice, establishing structures, systems and processes that better support academics of all generations, and especially early career.
    • Promoting our knowledge to the widest possible audiences to generate the greatest social and economic impact. 
    • Building a holistic, ethical and culturally sensitive approach to collaboration and partnerships. 
      Bidding for KE funding directed towards the Sustainable Development Goals, building on our unique regional and global research portfolio and strengths.
    • Expanding our national and international presence through creative communications and engagement with key commercial, government and not-for-profit organisations in the UK and overseas.
    • Turning the outputs of our research into new processes, products and practices; meeting the requirements of the private, public, third (Charities) and fourth (Social Enterprise) sectors.
      Promoting Knowledge Exchange as an enabler to Social Innovation, creating the best possible and insightful collaborative environment. 
  • Success
    • Our KE activity has an attributable influence on the policies and practices of governmental and non-governmental organisations, changing mindsets and discourses to contribute to creating a more just and equal world for all and the realisation of the sustainable development goals.
    • KE is recognised amongst our academic staff as something valued, expected and rewarded as part of an academic career at SOAS.
    • When income from Enterprise and KE activity makes an appreciable contribution to the overall income of SOAS.
    • Our KE activity inspires our students to apply their learning to become future business leaders, influencers, and policy makers. 
    • When KE is not just a meaning for collaboration but recognised from our communities as the place where Social Innovation, Ethics and Creativity link together for the benefit of us all.