There are also many free sources of statistics on the web:

  • Guardian Data Store
    A directory of useful data sets that can be used to build applications.
  • UN Data
    Search UN statistical databases through a single entry point.
  • List of National Statistics Offices
    UN List of National Statistics Offices.
  • Zanran
    A search engine for data and statistics that focuses primarily on finding data presented in numerical or tabular form.
  • Quandl
    A freely available index of over 7 million time-series datasets, which pulls together its data from over 400 freely available sources.
    The Bureau for Research and Economic Analysis of Development
  • CIRI Human Rights Dataset
    Contains standards-based quantitative information on government respect for a wide range of internationally-recognized human rights for countries of all regime-types and from all regions of the world. The data set contains measures of government human rights practices, not human rights policies or overall human rights conditions (which may be affected by non-state actors).
  • Full Fact
    Independent fact-checking organisation, focused on assessing claims from UK politicians and the media.
  • Ohio University Guide to Misinformation and Fact-Checking Fake News, Misinformation, & Fact-Checking
  • Open Data for Africa
    The AfDB Statistical Data Portal has been developed in response to the increasing demand for statistical data and indicators relating to African Countries. The Portal provides multiple customized tools to gather indicators, analyze them, and export them into multiple formats.
  • DataCite
    Find, access and reuse data
  • Registry of Research Data Repositories
    The most comprehensive source of reference for research data infrastructures globally
  • Figshare
    Web-based interface designed for academic research data management and research data dissemination.
  • KAPSARC Energy Data Portal
    Energy data, focus on Saudi Arabia, GCC, India, China and East Africa regions
  • Kaggle
    Free courses on skills you'll need to do independent data science projects, also lots of datasets available here.
  • Linked Data
    A home for, or pointers to, resources from across the Linked Data community
  • DataHub
    Data Repository with free core datasets.
  • Open Data Inception
    Listing 2600+ Open Data Portals Around the World
  • Data
    Another database listing different data portals across the globe
  • KD Nuggets
    If you can stand the colour scheme, this has a wide range of good links to datasets!
  • Amazon Web Services
    Amazon hosted datasets