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SOAS, University of London is the world’s leading institution for the study of Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Our research expertise in languages, political and social sciences, arts and humanities provides the resources and knowledge to equip people for a global economy and a multicultural world.

SOAS research promotes and produces social benefit worldwide, contributing to positive global change. Discover some of the many ways SOAS makes an impact around the world in the features below.

Sustainable systems for food and water

Flooding destroys a road in the outer suburb of Dunhuang, Gansu Province, China

SOAS research into the management of food and water has a direct impact on the lives of the people in the poorest societies, as well as mitigating the threats of environmental change in rapidly developing regions. Read more...

Promoting intercultural understanding through the arts

Sculptures featured in the international exhibition, ‘Central Nigeria Unmasked

SOAS research across many disciplines brings to a global audience art forms which might otherwise remain little-known outside their own communities, promoting cultural links and understanding worldwide. Read more...

Understanding social change in a digital world

Wall art in Cairo, Egypt, depicts protest in a digital world

The democratisation of media through the internet has created a change in how information and news is generated and shared, resulting in the creation of new spaces for new voices and new narratives.  SOAS research examines the impact of modern-day communication methods on politics, society and culture. Read more...

Supporting gender equality in law, politics and society

Supporting gender equality in law, politics and society
SOAS scholars have had significant impact in helping women influence structural change in post-conflict society; they have helped to redefine legislation to protect women; and the representation of women - particularly Muslim women - and how this shapes public perception has been examined and scrutinised. Read more...

Tackling complex problems in international development

A farmer inspects a healthy maize crop, Malawi

SOAS plays a key role in the London International Development Centre (LIDC), which brings together social and natural scientists from across the University of London's Bloomsbury Colleges. With partner institutions in low and middle income countries, LIDC builds initiatives on such subjects as climate change, HIV/ AIDS, migration, and emerging diseases. Read more...

Championing the human rights of displaced people

A refugee camp in Nepal for people expelled from Burma

SOAS research in a wide range of disciplines supports the rights of people displaced by famine and conflict, and because of ethnicity, religion, gender or sexuality. Read more...

Major research projects

19th-century Gə‘əz (Ethiopic) Psalter

SOAS is a research-intensive institution. Our researchers employ unique perspectives and collaborative approaches; distinctive regional focus and global relevance are the hallmarks of our research.
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