SOAS University of London


Senior Fellows

The title of ‘Senior Fellow is granted by the School to those who have achieved distinction in a practice or profession of relevance to the SOAS mission, and wishes to actively work with the School in pursuit of a common goal.  Senior Fellows may or may not be physically present in the School for the duration of their appointment, but are expected to play an active part in the life of the School.

This status is granted by the School on the recommendation of a Head of Department or Chair of a Regional Centre.

Conferral of the title of Senior Fellow will normally be a period of three years, with provision for extension if requested and there is evidence of productive collaboration with the School.  


The privileges of a Senior Fellow include: 

  • Reference-only Library membership, including walk-in access to some electronic resources
  • Use of Staff Common Room
  • Attendance at lectures and seminars
  • Use of the School’s affiliation in giving public lectures or submitting material for publication 

Application procedure

The status of Senior Fellow is initiated by the School.

Nominations originate from the Head of Department or Chair of Regional Centre/Institute and include a brief statement of the nature of the Fellow’s proposed contribution to the School and along with the individual’s curriculum vitae.


No bench fee or Library membership fee is charged to Senior Fellows, who are automatically granted reference-only Library membership, including walk-in access to some electronic resources.

Office space

Unless special arrangements are made, appointees are not normally offered office space or administrative assistance.

IT arrangements

Appointees will be issued a SOAS login and email account. 

Individuals should be able to connect their own laptop to the School network. Please consult the IT Service Desk in the Library for assistance/ or ask for assistance during the induction. This is more practical for long-term visits to SOAS and not advised for short visits.