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How do I apply?

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New REO application procedures at SOAS

  • Login to Worktribe

    Login to Worktribe using your usual SOAS username and password. If you have any problems logging in, please contact the Research Office (, R101 College Buildings).

    Guide to logging into Worktribe (all guides require SOAS username and password)

  • Create your project

    Create your Worktribe project by completing some basic information about what you are applying for, at least six weeks before the funder’s deadline. Don’t forget to let your Head of Department know that you are applying for research funding at this time.

    Guide to creating your Worktribe project

  • Work with your Research Development Officer

    Your Research Development Officer will be automatically notified when you have created your Worktribe project and will get in touch with you within a week to guide you through the development of your proposal and start working on your budget.

  • Budgeting

    If you have any idea of costs/staff time required for your project, you can enter these in the budget area of your Worktribe project. Our Research Development Officers are experts in costing research projects and are here to support you. Please contact them to discuss your budget.

    Guide to starting your budget.

  • Develop your proposal

    Develop your proposal with the help of your Research Development Officer. Here are some useful proposal and budgeting tips. At this stage you can also start thinking about the impact of your research and any research data requirements of your projects. Our Impact Officer is here to advise and help you with your impact planning: The Library is here to advise and guide you on any research data management issues around your project:

  • Ethics

    A standard ethics checklist needs to be completed on Worktribe for each proposal submitted to a funder, to assess the ethical implications of your research. This is available in the ethics area of your Worktribe project.

    Guide to completing your ethics checklist on Worktribe

  • Risks

    You should complete a standard risk assessment (in the risks tab of your Worktribe project) whilst you are developing your proposal. Your Research Development Officer can help with any questions you are unsure of.

    Guide to completing your risk assessment

  • Peer review

    Make sure you get your proposal peer reviewed by at least two people, ideally one in your field and another from a different discipline. You can request peer reviews from SOAS colleagues through Worktribe, or if you get reviews from external colleagues, you can upload their notes to the documents tab of your project, or send them to your Research Development Officer.

    Guide to requesting a peer review

  • Institutional approval

    The final stage of your bid development is receiving institutional approval for your application. Once you have developed your proposal and completed the tabs of your Worktribe project, you can submit your project via Worktribe for institutional approval from your Head of Department and the Research Office. Please note that this does not submit your proposal directly to the funder.

    Guide to submitting your project for approval on Worktribe

  • Funder submission

    You will need to work with the Research Office to submit your proposal to the funder. Your Research Development Officer can advise you further as to when/how to submit your proposal to the funder. Please submit your Worktribe project for approval at least one week before you need to submit your application to the funder. Many funders have their own online system for receiving grant applications.