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Research Office

Institutional Approval

When you apply for research funding, the Research Office and your Head of Department need to confirm that SOAS can support your proposed research, if your application is successful. Institutional approval is part of the application process. Once you have developed your application and completed your Worktribe project, you simply submit your project for approval through Worktribe (SOAS’ grant application management system) and the system notifies the correct people who need to approve your application. You are also kept informed through system notifications. You can read more about who approves your application and when on our Worktribe Approvers webpage (SOAS username and password required). The approval confirms the following:

  • outcome from the first stage ethical review
  • whether internal peer review has happened
  • that you have considered any risks
  • the number of additional staff
  • whether teaching replacement is required and whether funding is available for this
  • whether the budget is sufficient and appropriate for the project
  • that the proposal falls within the funder’s remit and that we are eligible to apply
  • that the proposal complies with SOAS policies
  • the Head of Department/Pro-Director is satisfied that the correct provisions are in place and if awarded the project can be managed and supported