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Support for SOAS Researchers


SOAS University of London welcomes applications for personal fellowships.

There is a wide range of fellowships available from various funding bodies, charities and institutions. All fellowship applications require an original research proposal.

We encourage the best candidates who meet the eligibility criteria to contact us with a view to applying for fellowships to be held at SOAS. Potential applicants are advised to contact us as soon as possible (at least four months in advance of the final deadline) to discuss their application.

The following are links to useful sources of information on externally funded fellowships (in alphabetical order):

This list is not exhaustive and we would welcome applications under any other schemes that are not mentioned above as appropriate.

SOAS Protocols

SOAS has protocols which must be followed if a researcher wishes to apply for external funding to be hosted here. These are as follows:

  1. When making contact, applicants are asked to ensure that their electronic expression of interest includes the following:
    •  All the scheme details and links to appropriate web pages and deadline(s);
    •  Confirmation of eligibility;
    •  Appropriate details of the fellowship project: title, project proposal (with aims, objectives and deliverables – no more than 500 words), duration
  2. It should be noted that only the Head of Department can approve the application on behalf of the relevant Department. This will need to be sought at least two months before the submission deadline(s) – please check this carefully. If you are approved to submit a full application, we will support you in both writing the proposal and preparing for any interview under the scheme.
  3. Once approved, the application will need to be passed on in its final draft form to the SOAS Research Office for peer review at least three weeks in advance of the deadline (if any), to allow for any adjustments suggested by the peer reviewer. The fellowship application will also need to be ethically reviewed.
  4. Submission – some applications require to be completed online via the relevant funder’s portal and, as such, applicants will need to ensure that:
    • They are registered on the relevant funder's system
    • They have been enabled to apply as the School's applicant by the SOAS Research Office
    • Sufficient time is given to the SOAS Research Office to finalise approval and submit all applications online when required 

If awarded and the fellow is not already employed at SOAS, the fellow will receive a fixed term contract from SOAS University of London with details linking her/his work to the conditions of the award and the proposal of the research.

There may be issues for successful fellows in relation to the need to obtain an appropriate visa to allow them to take up the fellowship. In that case, please contact the Research Office (see below) for further information.

Further information

For more information and/or if there are any queries, please contact the SOAS Research Office on