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Research on Money and Finance Discussion Papers

RMF invites discussion papers that may be in political economy, heterodox economics, and economic sociology. We welcome theoretical and empirical analysis without preference for particular topics. Our aim is to accumulate a body of work that provides insight into the development of contemporary capitalism. We also welcome literature reviews and critical analyses of mainstream economics provided they have a bearing on economic and social development.
Submissions are refereed by a panel of three. Publication in the RMF series does not preclude submission to journals. However, authors are encouraged independently to check journal policy.

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14. Financialisation Embroils Developing Countries

Costas Lapavitsas, August 2009

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13. Systemic Failure of Private Banking: A Case for Public Banks

Costas Lapavitsas, August 2009

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12. A Minsky Perspective on the Global Recession of 2009

Charles J Whalen, July 2009

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11. At the Heart of the Matter: Household Debt in Contemporary Banking and the International Crisis
Paulo L dos Santos, May 2009

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Financialisation, or the Search for Profits in the Sphere of Circulation

Costas Lapavitsas, May 2009

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9. Emerging Market Bank Rescues in an Era of Finance-Led Neoliberalism

Thomas Marois, April 2009

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8. Global Integration of the Turkish Economy in the Era of Financialisation

Nuray Ergüneş, March 2009

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7. On the Historical Significance and the Social Costs of the Sub-Prime Financial Crisis: Drawing on the Japanese Experience

Makoto Itoh, March 2009

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6. The Globalisation of Financial Capital, 1997-2008

Carlos Morera Camacho and José Antonio Rojas Nieto, March 2009

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5. Central Banking in Contemporary Capitalism: Monetary Policy and its Limits

Demophanes Papadatos, February 2009

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4. Developing Countries in the Era of Financialisation: From Deficit Accumulation to Reserve Accumulation

Juan Pablo Painceira, February 2009

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3. On the Context of Banking in Contemporary Capitalism

Paulo L dos Santos, February 2009

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2. Racial Exclusion and the Political Economy of the Subprime Crisis

Gary A Dymski, February 2009

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1. Financialised Capitalism: Crisis and Financial Expropriation

Costas Lapavitsas, February 2009

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