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The Southeast Asian Art Academic Programme

About us

The Southeast Asian Art Academic Programme is a transformational programme that aims to further the understanding and preservation of ancient to pre-modern Buddhist and Hindu art and architecture in Southeast Asia. The Programme supported over 90 scholarships between 2014 and 2019 and funds three fully endowed academic posts at SOAS, as well as numerous research and publishing initiatives, conferences, summer programmes, lectures and workshops in London and Southeast Asia.

SAAAP is designed to strengthen SOAS’ research expertise and existing institutional links to create a vibrant network linking art, archaeology and heritage organisations in the Southeast Asian region. We do this through three main streams of activity: Scholarships, Research and Publications and Outreach activity.


The Alphawood Scholarships, administered through the Southeast Asian Art Academic Programme, are designed to bring outstanding Southeast Asian postgraduate students to SOAS to undertake Doctoral, Masters, Diploma or Certificate programmes which focus on ancient to pre-modern Buddhist and Hindu art in Southeast Asia.

Through their SOAS postgraduate programmes, through engagement with leading SOAS academics and through the strong networks that they build during their time on award, our Alphawood Scholars and Alumni are making a significant and positive impact on the understanding and preservation of ancient to pre-modern art and architecture in the region. With support from SAAAP, our Scholars are able to apply new skills in their home institutions, advance the body of knowledge and develop important new threads of research, lead on discrete projects, events and activities through our Academic Support Fund, and build strong international networks to support them throughout their careers.

To learn more about the Alphawood Scholars and how to apply, please visit our Alphawood Scholarships page for further information.

Research and Publications

SAAAP supports SOAS academic staff, students and alumni to develop exciting new research initiatives in the study of ancient and pre-modern Hindu and Buddhist art and archaeology from the region through its Academic Support Fund. Through this Fund SAAAP is able to provide discrete project funding to individuals and teams to: develop new publications; carry out research fieldwork in the region; host conferences and symposia; partner with museums, galleries and libraries in Southeast Asia; and lead on a wide range of other activities that support scholarship in the field.

For more information on projects that have been supported by the SAAAP Academic Support Fund, please consult our three-times annual SAAAP Newsletter. For more information on how to apply to the Academic Support Fund to support your planned project or activity, please learn more about the Fund and how to apply on our Home Page.


SAAAP is committed to building a strong network of institutions and leaders in the field, as well as championing the work of our Scholars and academic staff. We do this through establishing a range of partnerships with universities and heritage bodies in Southeast Asia to jointly host symposia, conferences and summer programmes; supporting the development of important libraries and collections in the region; and engaging with regional universities, cultural and heritage advancement bodies to raise awareness and visibility of our research and to attract new prospective Alphawood Scholars to join the Programme and pursue a higher degree in the field at SOAS.

Through our Outreach work, we also produce a three-times annual SAAAP Newsletter, where you can learn more about our partnerships, conferences and events both in Southeast Asia as well as in the UK. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with Programme news, events and activities.