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SOAS Bulletin of Burma Research, Volume 1, Issue 2

Autumn 2003, ISSN 1479-8484
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Some Forgotten Scholarship on Burma: A Bibliographic Note

Oliver B. Pollak

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Translation of an Inscription in the Pali Character and Burmese Language, on a stone at Buddh Gya, in Behar

Dr Tilman Frasch. Revised: 27 March 2004

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An Account of the Frontier Between Ava and the Part of Bengal Adjacent to the Karnaphuli River (1825)

Francis Hamilton (MDFRS and FAS London and Edinburgh)

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Lecture on the Shans

Rev. Dr J. N. Cushing
From Rangoon Gazette and Weekly Budget 26 October 1888

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Notice of Pugan, the Ancient Capital of the Burmese Empire

Lieut.-Col. Henry Burney (H. C.'s Resident In Ava)

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Voyage to Pegu, and Observations There, Circa 1583

Gaspero Balbi

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Burmese Buddhism in Colonial Burma

The following pieces found publication in 1895 and 1896

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Some Documents of Tharrawaddy’s Reign: 1837-1846, Part I

The following documents drawn from the reign of King Tharrawaddy are intended as one contribution of many forthcoming to the project of organizing and publishing the source accounts for one of the Kon-baung dynasty’s most obscure, yet critical reigns. Thus, documents included have not been selected on the basis of their high rate of interest relative to other documents of the period, but rather more with the view of making the documentary record complete.

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Mandalay in 1878-1879: The Letters of James Alfred Colbeck, Originally Selected and Edited by George H. Colbeck in 1892

James Alfred Colbeck

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Dissertation Abstracts and Events
  • Alyssa Phillips. ‘The mirror cracked’: The colonial history-making project and its legacy in Burma, 1900 to the present
  • Paulette M. Hopple. The Structure of Nominalization in Burmese

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