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SOAS Bulletin of Burma Research, Volume 3, Issue 1

Spring 2005, ISSN 1479-8484
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Romance and Tragedy in Burmese History: A Reading of G. E. Havey’s The History of Burma

Alyssa Phillips

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Text and Context: Another Look at Burmese Days

Stephen L. Keck

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The Flight of Lao War Captives From Burma Back to Laos in 1596: A Comparison of Historical Sources

Jon Fernquist

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A Journey Through Burma [in 1888]

Prince Naritsara Nuwattiwong (translated by Kennon Breazeale)

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Cammuaza, or the Ceremony Used at the Induction of a Birman into the Order of the Priesthood, called Phonghi, or Rhahaan (1795)

Michael Symes

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Miscellaneous Letters on Burma, 1755-1760, I

The letters, and in cases extracts of letters, were reproduced by Alexander Dalrymple in 1808, published in London under the title Oriental Repertory, by William Ballintine for the East India Company. Relevant portions of Dalrymple’s commentary to some letters have also been included.

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Observations at Persaim and in the Journey to Ava and Back in 1755

George Baker

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Treaty Between Alaung-hpaya and the British EastIndia Company in 1757

Source: Alexander Dalrymple, Oriental Repertory, (London: William Ballintine for the East India Company, 1808): 1.223-1.226

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Proceedings of An Embassy to the King of Ava, Pegu, &C. In 1757

Walter Alves

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Diary of the Proceedings of an Embassy to Burma in 1760

Walter Alves

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A Concise Account of the Kingdom of Pegu

William Hunter

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Gleanings on Burma, December 1826

These appeared in The Gentleman’s Magazine in December 1826. They offer some useful information both on Burma’s looted textual heritage and on the confusion among the population after the war.

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Abstract of the Journal of a Route Travelled by Captain S. F. Hannay, of the 40th Regiment, Native Infantry, in 1835-1836, from the Capital of Ava to the Amber Mines of the Hukong Valley on the South-east Frontier of Assam

R. Boileau Pemberton

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Brief Notice on T. H. Lewin’s Visit to the Arakan Hills in 1865-1866

This notice was originally published as “Diary of a Hill-Trip on the Borders of Arracan. By Lieutenant T. H. Lewis” in Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society 11 (1867): 52.

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