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Adding Research

  • Who can add research to SOAS Research Online?
    • All permanent or fixed-term staff employed on any contract which includes research must add records to SOAS Research Online according to both the SOAS Research Online Policy and School’s Open Access Policy
    • All PhD researchers currently enrolled at SOAS can add records and full-text to SOAS Research Online for their research outputs and activities e.g. conference presentations
    • Staff employed on teaching contracts can add their research to SOAS Research Online when it is published with a SOAS affiliation
    • Professional Services staff can add their research to SOAS Research Online providing it relates to their paid role at SOAS and with prior approval from their Head of Service
    • Research Associates can add any research they publish with a SOAS affiliation during their time at SOAS
    • Emeritus Staff can add research to SOAS Research Online if they wish

    For full information please see the SOAS Research Online Policy

  • What types of research can I add to SOAS Research Online?

    SOAS Research Online includes a wide variety of item-types and encourages its researchers to make full use of the options and add records and text of files for as many of their research outputs as possible.
    Current categories of research output that can be added include:

    • Peer-reviewed Journal Articles
    • Authored Books
    • Edited Books or Journal Volumes
    • Book Chapters
    • Conference or Workshop Items
    • Monographs and Working Papers
    • Book Reviews
    • Performances
    • Shows / Exhibitions
    • Compositions
    • Translations
    • Audio
    • Video
    • Datasets
    • Other

    SOAS Research Online supports a range of file-types for researchers to add the content of their research along with their records.

    Records are reviewed to ensure they are accurate, entered in the most appropriate category and any associated full-text or files are added in the most suitable format.

  • When should I add my research to SOAS Research Online?
    • Researchers should add records to SOAS Research Online as soon as a research output is accepted for publication by a publisher. All staff employed on research contracts must ensure that they add records for research as soon as they are accepted by a publisher and in line with any funder requirements (e.g. HEFCE for REF submission or external funder e.g. RCUK if in receipt of a grant)
    • For items which don’t go through the formal publication process e.g. conference papers or blogs, records should be added as soon as an item is posted online or after a paper has been presented at a conference
    • Items can be marked with the appropriate status e.g. forthcoming or unpublished (e.g. for presentations)
    • If you plan to publish an item but have not yet secured a publisher it cannot be added to SOAS Research Online until you have secured a publisher unless you wish to add it as a working paper before publication
  • How do I add records of my research to SOAS Research Online?
    • Login into SOAS Research Online through the ‘Submit an Item’ option using your SOAS ID and password
    • Select New Item and follow the easy steps in the system to deposit research
    • Select ‘Import’ if you have details of your publication e.g. the DOI of your article or a BibTex file from a reference management system
    • SOAS Research Online asks you to fill in some essential fields which are important to help you meet funder requirements e.g. date of acceptance and funder information. If you are unsure of these please contact us for help
    • SOAS Research Online has been streamlined so you only need to add the essential details of your research and we will check and add information for you from other trusted sources e.g. publisher website
    • To add extra information yourself just select ‘Show Optional Fields’ at the top of the deposit page and you will see all potential details that you can enter
    • Once you have finished the deposit process your record will be reviewed and added to SOAS Research Online, this will then automatically update your SOAS publication profile
    • If you need help adding research to SOAS Research Online or are having trouble logging in please contact for help
  • Do I need to add the full-text of my research outputs to SOAS Research Online and how do I do it?
    • SOAS encourages any researcher adding records to SOAS Research Online to also add the full-text or other related file (e.g audio recording) of their research whenever possible in line with publisher policies and copyright considerations
    • All permanent or fixed-term staff employed on any contract which includes research must ensure they provide the accepted version of journal articles as soon as they are accepted for publication otherwise they risk non-compliance with REF Open Access Requirements. See our Open Access pages for full information or contact if you are unclear about what you need to do
    • The easiest way to do this is to add the accepted version of your research as an MS Word document to every record you add to SOAS Research Online (the accepted version is the final version you submitted to the publisher after peer-review but before the copy-editing or proofing stage started)
    • We can then check your publisher policy and format your text with all the necessary information required by the publisher, convert it to a PDF file and make it available as soon as possible in line with any publisher embargo period. If it cannot be made available we will add it on restricted access so that researchers can request it from you via en email from SOAS Research Online
    • If you want to add full-texts to existing records please simply email the accepted versions to as MS Word files and we will add them for you
      If your publisher allows you to add the published version to SOAS Research Online we will let you know and replace any accepted versions with published versions
    • You may want to add full-text of unpublished papers and you can do this as you own the copyright however you should be aware that making your research Open Access before publication may affect future publication options and you should check potential publisher policies carefully
  • How do I know if my publisher will let me add full-texts to SOAS Research Online?
    • For journal articles you can use the SHERPA Romeo database which gives you a basic summary
    • For book publishers you will need to check individual publisher policies on self-archiving / green open access or you should check during the publication process
    • If you are publishing with an Open Access publisher or have paid for an individual article to be made Open Access you can add the published PDF to SOAS Research Online
    • If, at any point in the publication process, you would like help checking your publisher policy and seeking permission to add research to SOAS Research Online please just write to and we are very happy to help
  • What if my publisher doesn’t allow me to make my full-text available in SOAS Research Online?
    • If a publisher doesn’t support Open Access we can still add full-texts on restricted basis to SOAS Research Online so researchers worldwide can request access from you through the system. You will receive a notification which you can accept to provide an individual access to your text.
    • If your journal publisher doesn’t allow full-texts to be made available in SOAS Research Online or you aren’t sure if they do and you plan to submit to the next REF it is important to contact us as early as possible at
  • How do I update my records in SOAS Research Online?
    • Once records are added to SOAS Research Online they can only be updated or edited by the SOAS Research Online administrator
    • Rather than add a new record please simply write to with the updates or changes you would like to make (including adding full-texts to record)
  • How can the research I add to SOAS Research Online be used?
    • Anyone can access, read and download full-text items which are freely available in SOAS Research Online
    • Unless otherwise stated e.g. by assigning a Creative Commons License which is displayed in the record, outputs can be used for personal research and study, educational and non-commercial purposes without your prior permission
    • The text can be reproduced, displayed or performed without your prior permission if:

    - authors, title and full bibliographic details of your research is cited
    - the URL to the original SOAS Research Online record is is given
    - any copyright or permission statement include in the SOAS Research Online record is also cited
    - the content of your research is not changed in any way

    • Full-text items are not sold commercially in any format or medium without formal permission of the author and copyright holders
    • When you add full-text of your research you can also select a range of Creative Commons Licences which will be displayed with the text when you deposit your text. To find out more about what the difference Licences mean for re-use visit the Creative Commons Website or write to for further guidance