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Adding your research to SOAS Research Online has a significant number of benefits:

  • when you add Items added to SOAS Research Online your SOAS publications profile is automatically updated
  • records are reviewed and enhanced to ensure an accurate and full description of your research outputs
  • items added to SOAS Research Online (which include full-text) are publicized through SOAS Library social media accounts
  • SOAS Research Online records are indexed and discoverable through Google and Google Scholar
  • our records are picked up by other Open Access databases such as Core thus contributing to a growing body of academic research being made freely available worldwide
  • records and texts in SOAS Research Online will be maintained and preserved for the long-term
  • you can track activity around your research through by checking statistics and altmetrics on your records
  • it provides downloads and usage information at the publication, researcher and department level
  • full-texts added to records can be read or requested by potential students and collaborators
  • provides access for researchers in countries that may not get access through publisher subscriptions
  • enables the public, NGOs, policy makers etc. to read and engage with our research
  • gives you the ability to export your publication information in a wide variety of different formats and add it to other research profiles you have e.g. your ORCID profile
  • you can use the RSS feeds to embed information in your own social media accounts and personal website to save you time
  • ensures you meet your funder requirements for Open Access as SOAS Research Online and can demonstrate this easily to your funder