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Staff Common Rooms

Staff Common Room

The Staff Common Room is on the first floor of College Buildings, Russell Square Campus.

Membership of the SCR is free of charge and includes all SOAS staff and research students.

These rooms are for the use and enjoyment of all SCR members.

The Staff Common Rooms may be used for:

  • relaxation during breaks in the work day;
  • the consumption of food and beverages;
  • quiet conversation between colleagues;
  • the hosting of visitors to the School;
  • the gathering of small groups after events such as seminars and conferences;
  • reading and other forms of individual work; and
  • events and activities promoting sociability and collegiality among SCR members.

The SCR can become very busy at certain times of the day, and users are reminded that the room may not be used for formal meetings, teaching, work or study. Entry to the SCR is normally limited to SCR members and their guests.

Hiring the space for staff related functions

Requests to use the Staff Common Rooms for extraordinary purposes, or for staff-related events after 4pm on weekdays, should be directed to Carol Miles,

SCR Feedback 

The SCR Committee welcomes your feedback.