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Welcome to MLTWeb - the Myanmar Language Teachers' Website
About MLTWeb

After two years of procrastinating, I'm delighted to have the opportunity to resurrect the MLTWeb website.

The impetus to develop the site anew stems from a meeting between a number of teachers of Burmese/Myanmar at the conference "Burma-Myanma(r) Research and its Future" held Gothenburg, Sweden in September 2002, masterfully organised by Dr Gustaaf Houtman - click the link for details of the conference and participants.

At the conference, it was suggested that MLTWeb be promoted as a place for swapping news and experiences and for sharing Myanmar/Burmese language teaching materials. Please contact MLTWeb if you'd like to suggest other uses for the site.

Language teaching materials

If you are developing new Myanmar language teaching materials, or using unpublished material which you'd like to share with your colleagues - and with students who might visit the site, contact MLTWeb and I'll be happy to put them up in a Language teaching materials area of the website. Suggestions: reading texts, parallel texts, vocabularies, audio files.

MLTWeb mailing list

I have set up a mailing list to for teachers of Burmese/Myanmar to communicate with one another. E-mail MLTWeb if you teach Burmese/Myanmar language and would like to be added to the list.

Myanmar or Burmese?

MLTWeb recognises that the official English-language designation for the language we teach and the country where it is spoken is Myanmar. We recognise, however, that amongst speakers of English, the name "Burmese" retains widespread currency and familiarity. We therefore use the two terms "Myanmar" and "Burmese" interchangeably. Of course the Burmese words bama and myanma can also be used.

  • The languages of the MLTWeb website are by default Myanmar and English, but material of interest in other languages is also welcome, if it can be accommodated.
  • The goal of MLTWeb is to foster contacts, maintain communication and exchange information and ideas amongst teachers of Myanmar.
Contacting MLTWeb

Please send comments, corrections, suggestions and contributions of any kind to Justin Watkins


post: Justin Watkins, SOAS, University of London, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG, UK

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