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South East Asia Section, School of Languages, Cultures & Linguistics


  • Burmese / Myanmar: a dictionary of grammatical forms, by John Okell and Anna Allott. 2001, Curzon Press. Format similar to Vol. 2 of Okell's Reference grammar of colloquial Burmese, but enlarged to include grammatical forms from literary style Burmese as well as colloquial.
  • Burmese, by Julian K Wheatley. Pp 106-126 in The major languages of South-East Asia, ed. Bernard Comrie. 1990, London, Routledge.
  • Burmese, by Julian K Wheatley. Pp 206-210 in The International Encyclopedia of Linguistics, ed William Bright. 1992, OUP, New York and Oxford.
  • A reference grammar of colloquial Burmese, by John Okell. 1969, Oxford UP, London. A description, no exercises, no training in script. Two vols. Vol 2 is a list of grammatical forms with translations and examples.
  • Manual of colloquial Burmese, by J A Stewart. 1955 (out of print), Luzac, London. Concentrated. Explanations, illustrative sentences, and dialogues with translations. Written in 1948, so now dated.
  • A grammar of the Burmese language, by A Judson. Repr 1951 (out of print), Rangoon, Baptist Board of Publications.
  • Outline of Burmese grammar, by W S Cornyn. 1944 (out of print), Language dissertation 38, Supplement to Language 20/4, Baltimore

There are also grammatical descriptions in some of the course books, e.g. Burmese: an introduction to the spoken language, Book 2, by John Okell, pp 209 ff.