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Travel and Accommodation

Travel to Myanmar is not for everyone, and the SEALS24 organisers do not have the capacity to help with the details of travel or accommodation.  Participants are advised to equip themselves with a guidebook and make reservations to suit their own requirements.  A list of suggested hotels is given below.  

One helpful and efficient travel agent in Yangon known to the organisers are given here - they will naturally be able to help with those who may wish to travel further afield in Burma before or after the conference.

Suggested Hotels

Suggested hotels

Local Travel in Yangon

Travel around town in Yangon is by taxi unless you already know the city or are very intrepid.  Negotiate robustly if you are so inclined.  A taxi from the airport to the University should cost no more than 10,000 kyat; you may well manage 7,000-8,000.  If you have made a hotel booking, the hotel may be able to arranɡe a pick-up from the airport.  Beware Yangon traffic and leave plenty of time for any taxi ride - traffic jams are very common in the 'new' Yangon.


The exchange rate is currently about MMK 950 kyat to USD $1. You can change money safely and legally in the baggage reclaim part of the airport.  It's highly advisable to bring mint condition cash USD$ dollars. Euros and Thai baht are also widely exchangeable.