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Student Feedback and Surveys

Why is Student Feedback Important?

Student feedback are the channels through which student voice is collected and reported to institutional staff to ehance the student Experience. During your time are SOAS you will be asked to provide feedback on a whole range of subjects such as student services, modules and your degree proramme. 

If you have any feedback or suggestions at SOAS please send your query to

How will I provide feedback?

Student Evaluation of Modules 
  • Once teaching for your module has been completed you will be provided a short anoymous survey by your Module Convenor. This survey allows you to assess the quality of your student experience over the module and the responses will be used to enhance the module. 
Student Representatives 
  • Student Representatives work on behalf of the Student Union in partnerships with the School and the views of the SOAS community at various institutional fora to bring postive change for all students. 
Student/Staff Forums
  • These are attened by academic staff, students and Student Union representatives to provide an open space for discussion between members fo the SOAS community. 
Department Meetings
  • These are held twice a term and are atteneded by academic and professional services staff and by student representatives. These are held to discuss important items and to provide students a space to provide the opinions and views of their cohort
National Student Satifaction and Experience Suverys 
  • A number of student surveys are run at SOAS that seek to guage your opinions and experience of your opinions on and experience of your studies during your time at SOAS. See the Student Surveys tab for more information on Student Surveys.