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SOAS Journal of Postgraduate Research, Vol 10

ISSN 2517-6226

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Introduction - Prof Nadje Al-Ali

A Note from the Doctoral School

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Editors-in-Chief, Assistant Editors, Technical Partners

Introduction to Volume 10

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Monika Hirmer and Romina Istratii

Letter from the Editors

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Karishma Mehrotra

The Crossroads and Convergences of Media and Technology Companies: Facebook as the Latest Media Gatekeeper

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Simon Forbes

The Reconstruction of Homosexuality and its Consequences in Contemporary Iran

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Jonathan Beloff

The Limitations of Research Space for the Study of Rwanda

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Azma Azhari

The Kafāla 'Sponsorship' System in Saudi Arabia: A Critical Analysis from the Perspective of International Human Rights and Islamic Law

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Sareh Javid

Kiarostami's The Traveller: A Cinema of the Seer

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Kerman Daruwalla

Evolution of the Zoroastrian Priestly Rituals in Iran

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Hassan Ould Moctar

Whither the Rights of the Digital Subject?

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J. Rudder Jenkins

Christians and Others in the Umayyad State, edited by Antoine Borrut and Fred McGraw Donner, Late Antique and Medieval Islamic Near East. The Oriental Institute: Chicago, 2016. Pgs. 213

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Heba Albeity

Literary Translation as a Pathway to the 'Humanisation' of Eastern Culture: Mansour Rahbani Introduces the East to the West Through his Poetry

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The SOAS Journal of Postgraduate Research Vol 10 (full text)

Exploring Fluid Times: Knowledge, Minds and Bodies

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