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SOAS Journal of Postgraduate Research, Vol 11

ISSN 2517-6226

Decolonisation in Praxis

Table of Contents

Meera Sabaratnam
A Note from the Decolonising SOAS Working Group

Katharina Schmoll
A note from the RSA 

Iris Lim, Romina Istratii, Monika Hirmer
Introduction to Volume 11

Romina Istratii, Monika Hirmer, Iris Lim
Editorial I: Conference Proceedings ‘Decolonisation in Praxis’, SOAS 2018

Monika Hirmer, Romina Istratii, Iris Lim
Editorial II: The Praxis of Decolonisation

Romina Istratii
Beyond a feminist ‘hermeneutics of suspicion’: Reading St John Chrysostom’s commentaries on man-woman relations, marriage and conjugal abuse through the Orthodox phronema 

Monika Hirmer
The art of Telangana women and the crafting of the decolonial subject: From dialectics of ‘othering’ to expressions of radical alterity

Jonathan Galton
Celebrating the Battle of Koregaon: contested histories and the (de)colonial Dalit subject

Dhruv Ramnath
The making of a postcolonial Hindu identity in the Sharavana Baba movement

Catherine Ruth Craven
Critical Realism, assemblages and practices beyond the state: A new framework for analysing global diaspora engagement

Roxy Minter
Classing Autonomy: A refutation that ‘…there really is no art more true than any other, and that there is no one way art has to be: all art is equally and indifferently art.’

Simon Forbes
Who is afraid of decolonisation?

Tung-yi Kho
The urgency of decoloniality

Andrew Harvey
Pakani: A Gorwaa story

Romina Istratii, Helen Porter
Understanding the possibilities and limitations of open access publishing for decolonising knowledge-making and dissemination

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Decolonisation in Praxis

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