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SOAS Journal of Postgraduate Research, Vol 13 (2021)

ISSN 2517-6226

HERE, THERE, EVERYWHERE - Fifteen years of SOAS research in multiculturalism and multilingualism

Table of contents
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Gamberini, Federica

A note from the editor-in-chief

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Federica Gamberini, Natalia Matveeva, Iris Lim

Introduction to Volume 13

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Bhardwaj, Maya

Feminist Social Movement Unionism From South To North

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Anita, Sakhi

Geet Ga Rahe Hai Aaj Hum... Exploring songs of protest and hope in the Women’s Movement(s) in India

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Mohanan, Aditya

Sounds from a silenced divinity: the interaction of caste with music in the Theyyam rituals of Kerala

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Chen, Chih-En

Rhetorical Space: Culture of Curiosity in Yangcai under Emperor Qianlong’s Reign

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Huang, Aubury A

Late Ming Courtesan Culture And China’s Gender System

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Mazzeo, Eva

The 'Hong Kong Factor': Preliminary Research on Social Media Discourses during Taiwan 2020 Presidential Election Campaign

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Sanders, Danny

100% TZ Flava: Hybrid Hip Hop on the Swahili Coast

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Spence, David M

From Victims to Colonizers: A Comparative Study of ‘Repatriated Indigenous Communities

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Modestou, Anastasia

Fairuz as a National Symbol: Popular Music, Folklore and Nationhood in 1960s Lebanon

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McIntosh, Finlay

Let’s Make Them Hear it in Europe: The Sound of Banging Pots and Pans, the Internet and Networked Protest

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Mohanty, Abhishek

Opinion Piece: Are Big Data Judgements About Health Or Personality More Accurate Than Those Made By Humans? An Anthropological Critique In Relation To The Quantified Self Movement

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Cojocaru, Mihaela

Book Review: 'The Politics Of Technology In Africa' by Iginio Gagliardone

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SOAS Journal of Postgraduate Research, Vol 13 (2021) (full text)
HERE, THERE, EVERYWHERE - Fifteen years of SOAS research in multiculturalism and multilingualism

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