SOAS University of London

Polyvocia SOAS Journal of Graduate Research, Vol 2 (Spring 2010)

ISSN 2517-6218


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Editorial from the Polyvocia Committee

K. Schulze, R.N. Harvey, A. Kraemer, A. Tilche, M. Unterbarnscheidt, W. Zhen

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Thomas Alberts

'Regional Studies and Critical Perspectives on Regions: The First SOAS Research Students’ Society Conference'

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Ali Fathollah Nejad

The ‘Middle East’: From Past and Present Attributions to a Future Regional Identity?

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Akhil Katyal

'No ‘Sexuality’ for All: The Use of Personal Narratives in Contemporary Indian Sexual Rights Movement'

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Jack Lord

Spatial Approaches to the History of Child Labour in Colonial Ghana

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Philipp Wirtz

'A Long Farewell: Depicting the Late Ottoman Empire in Turkish Autobiographies, 1926-1950'

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Research Notes

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Paul Bevan

'The Cartoonist Hu Kao and Shanghai Modeng'

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Debojyoti Das

'Understanding Anthropological Work and Ideas of Development from Colonial Archives in Highland South Asia'

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Julianne Hazen

'Ten Days of Mourning: The Commemoration of Ashūrāʾ by the ‘Alamī Sufi Tariqah in New York State'

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Lidia Lewandowska-Nayar

'Narottama Dāsa Ṭhākura’s Heritage Preserved'

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Syed Haider

'Firaaq: Remembering Gujarat'

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