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Polyvocia SOAS Journal of Graduate Research, Vol 3 (Spring 2011)

ISSN 2517-6218


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Editorial from the Polyvocia Committee
M. Unterbarnscheidt, P. Wirtz, W. Zhen

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Sevket Akyildiz

Olympic Culture in Soviet Uzbekistan 1951-1991: International Prestige and Local Heroes

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Julianne Hazen

Beyond Whirling and Weeping: Tasawwuf in America

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Antonie Kraemer

Seeing the forest, Naming the Trees: Visuality and Knowledge Production About “Nature” in Madagascar

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Jennifer Ung Loh

‘Borrowing’ Religious Identifications: A Study of Religious Practices among the Hijras of India

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Research Notes

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Priyadarshini Singh

Reflections on the field work of a dancer-political sociologist

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Alexej Ulbricht

The Dialectics of Kettling

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Danielle Tran

Traumatic Stress in South Africa, by Debra Kaminer and Gillian Eagle, Johannesburg, Wits University Press, 2010, x + 222 pp., (paperback), ISBN 978 – 1 – 86814 – 509 – 6

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