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Polyvocia SOAS Journal of Graduate Research, Vol 1 (2005)

The SOAS Journal of Graduate Research was conceived of and executed through the hard work of SOAS PhD students back in 2005.  

The Journal showcases the talent of SOAS' junior researchers and the expanse of research interests, topics and regions covered at SOAS and should be seen as an introduction to the range of research expertise offered by SOAS' junior researchers.

ISSN 2517-6218


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Melissa Elliott

Interdisciplinarity and the SOAS Journal for Graduate Research

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Daniel Large

Academic Journal Publishing: The Challenge and Potential of New Media

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J. Brown

‘Orientalism’, ‘Occidentalism’ and Anglo-Moroccan relations in the 16th and 17th centuries: a case study in historicising concepts of discourse

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Paul Hansen

The Colonization Of Anthropology

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Moshe Morad

Salsa and Falafel: Music and Identity among Illegal Latino Immigrants in Israel

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Jago Salmon

Field Research in a Securitised Area: The State and Information in Sudan

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Sabine Höhn

David Chandler, From Kosovo to Kabul: Human Rights and International Intervention (London: Pluto Press, 2002), 268 pp

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