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Gilbert Achcar

Authored Books

Achcar, Gilbert (2010) The Arabs and the Holocaust: The Arab-Israeli War of Narratives. English. New York: Metropolitan; London: Saqi Books. [386 pp.]
English paperback. New York: Picador; London: Saqi Books. 2011
French (original). Les Arabes et la Shoah. La guerre israélo-arabe des récits. Paris: Actes Sud/Sindbad. 2009 [525 pp.]
Arabic. Cairo: Al-Markaz al-Qawmi lil-Targama; Beirut: Dar al-Saqi. 2009 [497 pp.]
German. Hamburg: Nautilus. 2012

Achcar, Gilbert (2008) Perilous Power: The Middle East and U.S. Foreign Policy. Dialogues on Terror, Democracy, War, and Justice, with Chomsky, Noam, second augmented English edition. Boulder (Co.): Paradigm Publishers. [319 pp.]
Korean. Seoul: Sakyejul. 2009
Persian. Forthcoming in 2012

Achcar, Gilbert (2007) Perilous Power: The Middle East and U.S. Foreign Policy. Dialogues on Terror, Democracy, War, and Justice, with Chomsky, Noam, English (original). Boulder (Co.): Paradigm Publishers; London: Hamish Hamilton (Penguin). [276 pp.]
Spanish. Madrid: Paidós. 2007
Turkish. Istanbul: Ithaki. 2007
Arabic. Beirut: Dar al-Saqi. 2007
French. Paris: Fayard. 2007
Greek. Athens: Polytropon. 2007
Italian. Bari: Palomar. 2007
English paperback. London: Penguin Books. 2008

Achcar, Gilbert (2007) The 33-Day War: Israel’s War on Hezbollah in Lebanon and its Consequences, with Warschawski, Michel, English (original). Boulder (Co.): Paradigm Publishers; London: Saqi Books. [110 pp.]
French. La guerre des 33 Jours: La guerre d’Israël contre le Hezbollah au Liban et ses conséquences, avec Warschawski, Michel. Paris: Textuel. 2007
Italian. Rome: Edizioni Alegre. 2007
Spanish. Madrid: Icaria. 2007
Arabic. Beirut: Dar al-Saqi. 2007
German. Hamburg: Nautilus. 2007
Greek. Athens: Polytropon. 2007
Turkish. Istanbul: Yazin Yayincilik. 2007

Book Chapters

Achcar, Gilbert (2011) ‘The Allon Plan and the Impediments to Palestinian Statehood.’ In: Krieger, Helmut, Perspectives Beyond War and Crisis III: What Kind of Palestinian State for What Kind of Peace? Vienna: VIDC, pp. 73-91.


Achcar, Gilbert (2012) ‘Eichmann in Cairo: The Eichmann Affair in Nasser’s Egypt’s Al-Ahram (1960-62).’ Arab Studies Journal, Washington. Vol. XX, n. 1, Spring. pp. 74-103.

Achcar, Gilbert (2011) ‘Assessing Holocaust Denial in Western and Arab Contexts.’ Journal of Palestine Studies, Washington. Vol. XLI, n. 1, Autumn. pp. 82-95.

Achcar, Gilbert (2010) ‘‘An al-‘Arab wa al-Mahraqa al-Nāziyya.’ Al-Adāb, Beirut. Vol. 58, n. 9-10, September-October. pp. 89-95.

Achcar, Gilbert (2010) ‘Blame the Grand Mufti’ / ‘Inusable grand mufti de Jérusalem.’ Le Monde diplomatique, Paris/London. May.
Also published in several other languages.
Achcar, Gilbert (2009) ‘Fi al-Barnāmaj al-Istrātīji lil-Nidāl al-Taharruri al-Filastīni.’ Al-Adāb, Beirut. Vol. 57, n. 9-10, September-October. pp. 77-81.

A rejoinder to a discussion of the article above was published in the same review, vol. 57, n. 11-12, November-December 2009. pp. 95-96.

Achcar, Gilbert (2008) ‘The U.S. is sowing the seeds of a long term tragedy.’ Interview. Mesele, Istanbul. No. 18, June. pp. 15-22.
English translation on ZNet, June 2008 (several other websites and languages).

Nadje Al-Ali

Edited Books

Al-Ali, Nadje and Pratt, Nicola, eds. (2009) Women and War in the Middle East. London; New York: Zed Books.

Luca Andriani


Andriani, Luca (2012) ‘Tax Morale and Pro-Social Behaviour: Evidence from a Palestinian Survey.’ Forthcoming ERF working paper

Andriani, Luca (2011) ‘The Social Capital and Corruption Puzzle: Evidence from a Palestinian Survey.’ Palestine Economic and Policy Research Institute (MAS)

Andriani, Luca (2010) ‘Toward Policies for Promoting Trust in the Palestinian Labour Market’ with Ghazawna, Haneen. Palestine Economic and Policy Research Institute (MAS)

Andriani, Luca (2009) ‘Bonding Versus Bridging Social Capital’ with Cavatorta, Elisa, and Ghazawna, Haneen. In: Studies on Social Capital in the Palestinian Territories in ‘Palestine Economic and Policy Research Institute’ (MAS)

Andriani, Luca (2009) ‘Food Insecurity in the Role of Informal Networks in the West Bank’ with Cavatorta, Elisa, and Ghazawna, Haneen. In: Studies on Social Capital in the Palestinian Territories in ‘Palestine Economic and Policy Research Institute’ (MAS)

William Clarence-Smith

Authored Books


Clarence-Smith, William (2006) Islam and the abolition of slavery. London: Hurst; New York: Oxford University Press.

Book Chapters


Clarence-Smith, William (2013) 'Wajih al-Kilani, shaykh al Islam of the Philippines and notable of Nazareth, 1913-1916'. In Mahmoud Yazbak and Sharif Sharif, eds., Nazareth history and cultural heritage, pp. 171-92, Nazareth: Nazareth Municipality (Nazareth Academic Studies Series, No. 2).

Conference or Workshop Items

Clarence-Smith, William (2012) Sayyid Wajih of Nazareth, shaykh al-Islam of the Philippines, 1913-1916. In: 2nd International Conference on “Nazareth, Archaeology, History and Cultural Heritage”, 3-5 July 2012, Nazareth, Israel. Forthcoming

Adam Hanieh

Book Chapters

Hanieh, Adam (2010) 'Prisoners and Prison Conditions.' In: Rubenberg, Cheryl, (ed.), Encyclopedia of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Colorado: Lynne Reinner Publishers.

Hanieh, Adam (2006) 'The Politics of Curfew in the Occupied Territories.' In: Benin , Joel and Stein, Rebecca, (eds.), The Struggle for Sovereignty: Palestine and Israel, 1993-2005. California: Stanford University Press.


Hanieh, Adam (2011) 'The internationalisation of Gulf capital and Palestinian class formation.' Capital and Class, 35 (1). pp. 81-106.

Hanieh, Adam (2008) 'Palestine in the Middle East: Opposing Neoliberalism and US Power.' Monthly Review MRZine.

Laleh Khalili


Khalili, Laleh (2007) Heroes and Martyrs of Palestine: The Politics of National Commemoration. Cambridge University Press.


Khalili, Laleh (2010) ‘The Location of Palestine in Global Counterinsurgencies.’ International Journal of Middle East Studies, 42 (3). pp. 413-433.

Khalili, Laleh (2008) ‘Massacres and Battles: Commemorating Contentious Moments in the Refugee Camps of Lebanon.’ American Behavioral Scientist: Mediterranean Contention, 51 (11). Edited by Charles Tilly, Roberto Franzosi and Maria Kousis. pp. 1562-1574.

Khalili, Laleh (2007) ‘“Standing with my Brother”: Hizbullah, Palestinians, and the Limits of Solidarity.’ Comparative Studies in Society and History, 49 (2). pp. 1-28.

Khalili, Laleh (2007) ‘Heroic and Tragic Pasts: Mnemonic Narratives in the Palestinian Refugee Camps.’ Critical Sociology, 33 (4). pp. 731-759.

Chapters in Edited Volumes

Khalili, Laleh (2010) ‘The Ethics of Social Science Research.’ In: Heacock, Roger, and Conte, Édouard, (eds.), Critical Research in the Social Sciences: A Transdisciplinary East-West Handbook. Ibrahim Abu-Lughod Centre for International Studies, pp. 65-82.

Khalili, Laleh (2010) ‘Palestine and the Politics of Invisibility.’. In: Khalidi, Muhammad Ali, (ed.), Manifestations of Identity: The Lived Reality of Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon. Institute for Palestine Studies, pp. 125-145.

Also in Arabic in Ali Khalidi, Muhammad, (ed.), Tajalliat al-huwiyya: Al-waqi’ al-mu’ash l’ilaji’in al-filastiniyyin fi lubnan. Muassassa dirasat filastiniyya, pp. 149-171.

Khalili, Laleh (2008) ‘Incarceration and the state of exception: al-Ansar mass detention camp in Lebanon.’ In: Lentin, Ronit, (ed.), Thinking Palestine. Zed Books, pp. 101-115.

Khalili, Laleh (2007) ‘The Gender of Nakba Memory’ co-authored with Humphries, Isabelle. In: Sa’di, Ahmad, and Abu-Lughod, Lila, (eds.), Nakba: Palestine, 1948 and the Claims of Memory. Columbia University Press, pp. 207-227.
Khalili, Laleh (2007) ‘Lieux de mémoire et de deuil: la commemoration palestinienne
dans les camps de réfugiés au Liban.’ In: Piacudou, Nadine, (ed.), Territoires palestiniens de mémoire. Karthala, pp. 191-218.

Dina Matar

Authored Books

Matar, Dina (2010) What it means to be Palestinian: Stories of Palestinian peoplehood. London: I B Taruris.

Edited Volumes

Matar, Dina and Tawil-Souri, Helga, eds. (2016) Gaza as Metaphor. Hurst; Oxford University Press. (Forthcoming)

Matar, Dina and Harb, Zahera, eds. (2013) Narrating Conflict in the Middle East: Discourse, Image and Communications Practices in Lebanon and Palestine. London: I B Tauris.

Book chapters

Matar, Dina (2016) 'Gaza: Image Normalization.' In: Tawil-Souri, Helga and Matar, Dina, (eds.), Gaza as Metaphor. Hurst; Oxford University Press. (Forthcoming)

Matar, Dina (2007) 'News Stories and Disaporic Discourses of Identification: the Palestinians in Britain.' In:Asharzadeh, Alireza et al., (ed.), Diasporic ruptures: globality, migrancy and expressions of identity.Rotterdam: Sense Publishers, pp. 155-170.

Matar, Dina (2007) 'Palestinians, News and the Diasporic Condition.' In: Sakr, Naomi, (ed.), Arab Media and Political Renewal: Community, Legitimacy and Public Life. London: I B Tauris, pp. 118-135.

Matar, Dina (2007) 'What it Means to be Palestinian: News and the Diasporic Condition.' In: Sakr, Naomi, (ed.), Arab Media and Political Renewal. London: I B Tauris.

Journal articles

Matar, Dina (2017). PLO Cultural Activism: Mediating a ‘politics of liberation’ and ‘an aesthetic revolution’ between 1968-1974, British Journal for Middle East Studies.

Matar, Dina (2007) 'The Palestinians in Britain, News and the Politics of Recognition.' International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics, 2 (3). pp. 317-330.

Matar, Dina (2006) 'Diverse Diasporas, One Meta-Narrative: Palestinians in the UK Talking about 11 September 2001.' Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 32 (6). pp. 1027-1040.

Book Reviews

Matar, Dina (2016) Yusif Sayigh: Arab Economist, Palestinian Patriot. A Fractured Life Story. Cairo: American University of Cairo Press, Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication

Matar, Dina (2013).The Global Offensive: The United States, the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Making of the Post-Cold War Order,, Diplomatic History.

For Dina Matar's other publications 

Sahar Rad

Authored Books

Rad, Sahar (2011) The Political Economy of Aid in Palestine: Relief from Conflict or Development Delayed? London: Routledge. (Routledge series on Political Economy of the Middle East and North Africa)

Edited Books

Rad, Sahar, ed. (2012) Trade Policies, Employment And Poverty In Arab Countries. London: Routledge. (Routledge series on Political Economy of the Middle East and North Africa)

Book Chapters

Rad, Sahar (2012) ‘Trade Policy under Occupation: the case of the occupied Palestinian territory.’ In: ElKhafif, Mahmoud A.T., Taghdisi-Rad, Sahar, and Elagraa, Mutasim, (eds.), Trade Policies, Employment And Poverty In Arab Countries. London: Routledge. (Routledge series on Political Economy of the Middle East and North Africa)


Rad, Sahar (2008) ‘Palestinian Territories Country Report.’ Economist Intelligence Unit.

Conference or Workshop Items

Rad, Sahar (2009) The Economic Dimensions of Prolonged Occupation: Continuity and Change in Israeli Policy towards the Palestinian Economy (co-author, Raja J. Khalidi). In: United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), Geneva, Switzerland.

Elaheh Rostami-Povey

Book Chapters

Rostami-Povey, Elaheh (2011) ‘The Relation between Iran, Palestine and Hamas.’ In: Rostami-Povey, Elaheh, Iran's Influence, A Religious-Political State and Society in Its Region. Zed Books: London & New York.

Stefan Sperl


Sperl, Stefan (2000) ‘Stabat Mater: Reflections on a Theme in German-Jewish and Palestinian-Arab Poetry.’ Comparative Criticism, Cambridge. pp. 105-29.

Charles Tripp


Tripp, Charles (2012) The Power and the People: paths of resistance in the Middle East. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Forthcoming

Book Chapters

Tripp, Charles (2007) ‘Iraq and the 1948 War: mirror of Iraq's disorder.’ In: Rogan, Eugene, and Shlaim, Avi, (eds.), The War for Palestine (2nd Edition). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 125-149.

Yair Wallach

Book Chapters

Wallach, Yair (2010) ‘The Governor and the Oud Player.’ In: Shalev-Khalifa, N., (ed.), The First Governor: Sir Ronald Storrs, Governor of Jerusalem 1918-1926. Eretz Israel Museum, pp. 76-87.


Wallach, Yair (2011) ‘Creating a country through currency and stamps: state symbols and nation-building in British-ruled Palestine.’ Nations and Nationalism, 17 (1). pp.129-147.

Wallach, Yair (2011) ‘Trapped in mirror-images: The rhetoric of maps in Israel/Palestine.’ Political Geography, 30 (7). pp.358-369.

Wallach, Yair (2011) ‘Shared Space in pre-1948 Jerusalem?’ Divided Cities/Contested States Electronic Working Papers Series, 21.

Wallach, Yair (2010) ‘Urban Scars, An Unfinished Essay: Jaffa/Tel Aviv.’ Jadaliyya. Available at: (Accessed May 22, 2012).

Lynn Welchman

Book Chapters

Welchman, Lynn (2009) ‘Family, Gender, and Law in Jordan and Palestine.’ In: Cuno, Ken, and Desai, Manisha, (eds.), Family, Gender and Law in the Globalizing Middle East and South Asia. Syracuse University Press, pp. 126-144.


Welchman, Lynn (2009) ‘The Bedouin Judge, the Mufti and the Chief Islamic Justice: competing legal regimes in the occupied Palestinian territories.’ XXXVIII/2 Journal of Palestine Studies, Winter. pp. 6-23.

Welchman, Lynn (2007) ‘Honour and Violence against Women in a Modern Shar`i discourse.’ Hawwa: Journal of Women of the Middle East and Muslim World, 2&3. pp.139-165.