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SOAS Radio is an outlet for creative media and talent housed by the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. Run by alumni, current students and staff at the School, including volunteers from like-minded communities, SOAS Radio is dedicated to varied and original programming on world music, culture and current affairs.

The station builds on the rich and varied expertise of the institution, providing programmes with a strong focus on the regions of Africa, Asia and the Middle East, as well as their Diasporas. SOAS Radio has strong links with communities around London, and collaborates with ex-SOAS students and others with media experience.

Visit our website to check out the variety of shows and special features, as well as further information on our programming and opportunities for you.

Get Involved

SOAS Radio would not exist without the support of its dedicated volunteers. To date many of the duties associated with developing the station have ranged from coordinating volunteers, running the studio and radio desk, fundraising, editing, program making and web-design. As SOAS Radio is a web based radio station, the team require in particular the support of technically minded volunteers with a good understanding of web design and/or server administration.

We hope to expand our day-to-day operations, and so we are also looking for people with, or who are looking to gain, studio management, audio editing, and archiving experience. If you are interested, then drop us a line at - although we're constantly busy, so we're sorry if we can't get back to you straight away!