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Marketing and Student Recruitment

SOAS Merchandise and Gifts

SOAS have a merchandise and gift site which will deliver directly to you within three days of submitting an order. Due to a lack of storage space we do not stock merchandise on campus, so sadly cannot accommodate last minute requests.

The benefits of this system:

  • You can be set up as a user with the relevant cost code so can order and pay directly without the need for cross charging payments internally
  • There will always be a minimum amount of product in stock, so as long as we've produced it before you can order at reasonably short notice.

Getting set up on the system

Most areas at SOAS have a designated buyer set up on the system, with a corresponding budget code. You can check if there's a buyer for your area  SOAS Buyers List (pdf; 179kb) .

If you would like to be setup on the system please contact Becky Sharma at Arcadia, with your details and the cost code for payment. 

New products

We are adding products all of the time. You can request products that are not currently offered, please contact Katie Nugent, Owen Hoadley will assist with design where it's more complicated than simply placing a logo in a set area, and advise generally.


For order enquiries and technical issues with the website:

Becky Sharma
SOAS Account Manager
Tel: 07850 905 822

For design issues, or help with branding new products:

Owen Hoadley
Design Coordinator, SOAS
Tel+44 (0)20 7898 4456