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Recent Advances in Old Chinese Historical Phonology


Date: 5 November 2015Time: 9:20 AM

Finishes: 6 November 2015Time: 5:30 PM

Venue: Russell Square: College Buildings

Type of Event: Workshop

The study of the Old Chinese language and early Chinese texts are both enjoying rapid progress. Nonetheless, these two currents of research seldom inform one another to the extent that is possible. Taking advantage of the recent publication of Baxter and Sagart’s Old Chinese: A New Reconstruction (Oxford, 2014) this workshop aims to bring together historical linguists and philologists to consider the recent achievements and future prospects for research on Old Chinese. The choice of participants especially aims to encourage early career philologists to engage with relevant phonological research.



Date/Time Description
Thursday, 5 November 2015
9:20am Coffee and tea
9:50am Nathan W. Hill (SOAS, University of London): Welcome
10:00am Johann-Mattis List (CRLAO, CNRS): Using Network Models to Analyze Old Chinese Rhyme Data
10:40am Christoph Harbsmeier (Oslo): Unrefutable Conjectures
11:20am Coffee and tea
11:40am    Marc Miyake (British Museum): OC type A/type B in areal perspective
12:20pm Laurent Sagart (CRLAO, CNRS) and William H. Baxter (Michigan): OC type A/type B vs. Lushai long/short
12:20pm Lunch
2:20pm Marco Caboara (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology): Baxter and Sagart’s usage of recently excavated Chu manuscript sources
3:00pm Matthias L. Richter (University of Colorado at Boulder): Limitations to the phonetic source value of manuscript characters
3:40pm Coffee and tea
4:00pm Lai Yunfan (Paris III): Rgyalrongic vs Old Chinese initials: How (dis)similar are they? 
4:40pm Wolfgang Behr (Zurich): Summation
5:20pm End
Friday, 6 November 2015
9:20am Coffee and tea
10:00am Mark J. Alves (Montgomery College): Assessing OC Loanwords in Vietnamese via Historical and Archaeological Data
10:40am Xun Gong (CRLAO, CNRS): How Old is the Chinese in Bái? 
11:20am Coffee and tea
11:40am Guillaume Jacques (CRLAO, CNRS): How many *-s suffixes in Old Chinese? A view from Gyalrongic and Kiranti
12:20pm Yeshy T. Sotrug (Berne): A prefix without a cause – The OC *p-prefix and its tentative TB cognates
1:00pm Lunch
2:20pm Hannes A. Fellner (Vienna): Linguistic Contact between Ancient Indo-European Languages and Old Chinese
3:00pm Haeree Park (Hamburg): Dialect borrowings in Old Chinese
3:40pm Coffee and tea
4:00pm Lin Deng (Arizona State University): The Reconstruction of the Demonstratives zhī/*tə 之, shì/*deʔ (?) 是, and cǐ/*tsheʔ (?) 此
4:40pm Laurent Sagart (CRLAO, CNRS): Summation
5:20pm End

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