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The Teachings of the Śivadharma

Prof Peter Bisschop (Leiden)

Date: 13 October 2015Time: 2:00 PM

Finishes: 13 October 2015Time: 5:00 PM

Venue: 21/22 Russell Square Room: MBI Al Jaber Room

Type of Event: Workshop

The Śivadharma text corpus gives rules and regulations for the worship of Śiva. The corpus addresses the community of lay worshippers, among whom the king is prominent. The two earliest and most widespread texts belonging to the Śivadharma are the Śivadharmaśāstra and the Śivadharmottara. These works have been long neglected but they are rich resources for studying the formation and development of early Śaivism. This paper will introduce the various texts and manuscripts of the corpus, assess the state of the field, and focus in particular on chapter 6 of the Śivadharmaśāstra, which consists of an elaborate mantra invoking a plethora of gods, all dependent on the great god Śiva. A study of the names and iconographies of the various gods can help in contextualising and dating this anonymous piece of early Śaiva literature.

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