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Recent Advances in Comparative Linguistic Reconstruction


Date: 26 March 2019Time: 9:20 AM

Finishes: 27 March 2019Time: 5:20 PM

Venue: Paul Webley Wing (Senate House) Room: S211

Type of Event: Workshop



Time Description
Tuesday 26 March 2019
9:20am Coffee and Tea
9:50am Dr Nathan W. Hill (SOAS, University of London): Welcome
10:00am Prof. Juliette Blevins (City University of New York), "Advances in Proto-Basque reconstruction: Internal and comparative evidence for initial *sC clusters"
10:40am Dr Tim Bodt (SOAS), "Proto-Western Kho-Bwa onsets from the perspective of Duhumbi and Khoitam"
11:20am Coffee and Tea
12:20pm Dr Ander Egurtzegi (LMU Munich), "How phonetics can complement the comparative method in sound change research: reconstructing Basque laryngeals"
1:00pm Lunch
2:20pm Dr Hannes Fellner (Vienna), "Indo-European nominal morphology and subgrouping"
3:00pm Mei Shin Wu (MPI-SHH Jena), "Workflows for computer-assisted language comparison. State of the Art"
3:40pm Coffee and Tea
4:00pm Prof. Eugen Hill (Cologne), "Sound change and subgrouping in the Hindu Kush region: Dardic vs. Nuristani and beyond"
4:40pm Dr Gong Xun (SOAS): Summation
5:00pm End
Wednesday 27 March 2019
9:20am Coffee and Tea
10:00am Dr Laura Grestenberger (Vienna), "Reconstructing selectional properties of derivational morphology: case studies from the Indo-European verbal system"
10:40am Dr Julen Manterola (Royal Academy of the Basque Language), "The contribution of medieval data to the reconstruction of proto-Basque: lexicon and morphology"
11:20am Coffee and Tea
11:40am Dr Nohara Masaki (Seiki University), "Applying the comparative method to reconstruct some basic words in Old Chinese"
12:20pm Dr Dieter Gunkel (Richmond), "Poetic meter, lexical distributions, and linguistic reconstruction."
1:00pm Lunch
2:20pm Dr Tom Hoogervorst (Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies), "Language contact and Austronesian protoforms: Some methodological difficulties"
3:00pm Prof. Peter Schrijver (Utrecht), "Northeast Caucasian historical phonology and language speciation"
3:40pm Coffee and Tea
4:00pm Dr Nathan W. Hill (SOAS, University of London): Summation
4:20pm End


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