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Recent Advances in Tangut Studies


Date: 28 February 2017Time: 9:00 AM

Finishes: 28 February 2017Time: 6:00 PM

Venue: 21/22 Russell Square Room: T102

Type of Event: Workshop

Although they lost their polity to the Mongols, the Tanguts played an important role in the development of Buddhism and secular institutions in both Tibet and China. The study of the language and literature offers many insights on intercultural exchange in an important period of Asian history. This event brings together eight scholars at the cutting edge of Tangut studies to explore this lost civilization, its language, religion, and culture. 





9:20am Coffee and tea
9:50am Nathan W. Hill (SOAS, University of London): Welcome
10:00am Chung-pui Tai (The University of Hong Kong), "On the reconstruction of Tangut medial -w-"
10:40am Xun Gong (CRLAO, Paris), "Grade II in Tangut and Hexi Late Middle Chinese"
11:20am Coffee and tea
11:40am Marc Miyake (British Museum), "Some remarks on Tangut historical phonology"
12:20pm Shintaro Arakawa [Tokyo University of Foreign Studies], "Re-analysis of the Tangut suffix for 'dual'"
1:00pm Lunch
2:20pm Imre Galambos (Cambridge), "The Altar of Conciliation: re-examining a Tangut manuscript"
3:00pm Romain Lefebvre (Artois University, Arras), "Did the Tanguts have their own medical treatments?"
3:40pm Coffee and tea
4:00pm Kirill Bogdanov (Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, St Petersburg), "–ěne Tangut shamanistic text from Khara-Khoto: the problem of the identification of indigenous religious faiths"
5:20pm End

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